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Artisan industrial sewing machine

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Model OLV-203: $1299.99
Includes table, stand and motor

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Model OLV-204: $1349.99
Includes table, stand and motor

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Model OLV-205: $1399.99
Includes table, stand and motor

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Artisan OLV Series Industrial Serger Overlock Machines

OLV-203 (three thread)
OLV-204 (four thread)
OLV-205 (five thread)


  • Highest quality high speed serger and overlock sewing machines. Push button stitch length regulator with micro adjustable differential feed system. These models have a closed type sealed needle bar mechanism, which prevents oil leakage. Extremely smooth and reliable production performance. Many specifications, sub classes, optional accessories and attachments are available. Model 203 is a three thread serger with no safety clutch, model 204 is a 4 thread serger with a safety clutch and model 205 is a five thread serger with a true safety clutch.

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