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B-Line Quilt Frame
Juki TL-98Q Quilting Machine
Handi Handles Quilting Controllers
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Included Accessories:

  • 11x18" Extension Table
  • Hemming foot
  • Even Feed foot
  • 1/4" quilting foot
  • 1/5" quilting foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Compensating presser foot
  • Needles, Bobbins and Tools

Available accessories:

  • Handi Handles Front Mount Frame for Sewing Machines on Quilt Easy or Superquilter Quilt Frames - (+ $129.99)

B-Line Quilting Frame, Juki TL 98Q Quilting Machine & Handi Handles Package

This package includes (1) B-Line Quilt Frame, (1) New Juki TL 98Q Quilting Machine, (1) Handi Handles Speed Control, Start/Stop, & Thread Trimmer Controller Box for Juki and Instructional Video. These items come from seperate venders and will ship seperatly.

B-Line Quiling Frame:

This Quilting Frame is made from Baltic Birch... one of the best materials available and is hand made by an experienced woodworker.

  • The B-Line Home Quilting System features quality workmanship and materials.
  • Attention is paid to every detail to insure that your B-Line Home Quilting System works perfectly.
  • Baltic Birch Plywood is one of the best materials available. Your quilter will not warp.
  • With proper care, the same care you give your wood furniture, this system will last a life-time.
  • Hand-made in British Columbia, Canada
  • Square metal fabric bars
  • Continuous track system for all set-up sizes
  • System can be set-up in 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths
  • Does not need a permanent home, very easy to set-up and take down
  • Compatible with the PC Quilter
  • The B-Line Home Quilting System’s carriage can handle the weight of any home sewing machine. The sealed ball-bearing, nylon wheels are attached with stainless steel hardware for long, trouble-free action. The wheels run smooth and free allowing for endless design possibilities and no square circles!
  • Our track system is very unique. Like a simple puzzle, the track goes together easily, giving you a “continuous” smooth track for every set-up! The longest piece is 69”, which keeps storage space to a minimum. No sliding tracks
    as you go along, no taping sections to your table. Any quality table (that’s at least 24” wide) will accommodate the B-Line system. If space is an issue, the system is easily taken down and stored when not in use. One person can set-up the B-Line in a few minutes without any tools!
  • B-Line Home Quilting System’s way of tensioning and attaching the fabric bars is very, very user friendly. Kind enough for even arthritic hands!
  • The square fabric bars make attaching your quilt simple. Unlike the round bars of some systems the square shape allows you to attach your quilting fabric evenly and on center. With the “leaders” that you have prepared, taped securely to the fabric bars, you pin your quilt top and backing, using t-pins, to these leaders. Those 300 safety pins you have will have to find a new job! No basting
    is required. The fabric bars can be lengthened using no screw drivers. We won’t elaborate on “how” its done, but we will tell you its simple and no tools are

Juki TL98Q Quilting Machine:

The new Juki TL-98Q is a high-quality sewing and quilting machine designed to replace the TL-98E. The TL-98Q is a portable, lightweight machine that is easy to transport. The arm and bed of the TL-98Q are constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing. The larger work area enables maneuverability of large materials. An auxiliary table extends the work area to 23" to allow for even larger projects.

  • A 1,500RPM maximum sewing speed for high-performance.
  • Presser foot presser is easily adjustable, just turn the regulator at the top of the machine and regulate according to the indicator.
  • The push lever automatic needle threader affords you the pleasure of easily threading the needle without eyestrain and allows you to start sewing quickly.
  • Automatic needle stop up/down button. Press the needle up/down button to move the needle's position as desired, press the button continuously to make the machine sew stitch by stitch.
  • Knee lift lever raises foot to 12mm so that light to heavy weight materials are easily handled.
  • Hand lift raises foot to 9mm.
  • A drop feed dog switch to raise and lower feed dog, useful for sewing curved stitches with ease.
  • A 11" X 23" extended table work area for greater maneuverability.
  • 6" X 9" arm space to the right of the needle.
  • This machine uses HA-type needles, identical to those used with home sewing machines and sergers. This type of needle cannot be attached incorrectly.
  • Automatic thread trimming device cuts through thin and thick threads without fail, can be activated by push button or foot pedal switch.
  • Easy bobbin replacement with the newly designed bobbin case latch and enlarged bobbin case. A sliding plate is provided to easily replace bobbins when the auxiliary table is used.
  • Easy to thread machine head
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Speed control mechanism allows the machine to sew materials at lower speeds, perfect for heavyweight fabrics, quilting, and multiple layers of materials.
  • Foot pedal switch, with thread trimming ability
  • Even feed foot ensures the machine will produce beautiful seams on multiple layers of fabric, including difficult-to-feed fabrics like georgette, velvet, and leather.
  • Thread tension scale
  • Stitch length dial
  • Sewing lamp
  • Hook - Horizontal-axis full-rotary hook

Handi Handles Quilting Machine Controllers:

  • Handlebar Thumb Button Controls for Start/Stop and Juki Auto Thread Trim
  • Mounts to the carriage of the quilting frame and plugs into sewing machine.
  • The speed control dial makes it so easy to maintain constant speed with the dial in the center between the two handles.
  • The start-stop switch on the right plugs right into your machine and you don't have to fumble for a button or play with the foot control.
  • Juki TL98Q has a thread trimmer cord that plugs into the machine, and at the touch of a button, cuts the top and bobbin threads. In this case Handi Handles left handle button controls the auto thread trimming, right handle button controls the start/stop, and the middle dial controls the speed.

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