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Grace Quilting Hoop 2 Polypro Quilting Frame on Birch Stand with Edge Tools-- Three Sizes
(Lamps not included)
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Grace Quilting Hoop 2 Edge Master Tools $29.99


Grace Quilting Hoop 2 All Wood Quilting Frame on Birch Stand with Edge Tools- Three Sizes 14-18-24"

Never quilt a square quilt on a round hoop!"
That's a logical conclusion, but until now quilters haven't had a choice. Introducing the first original thought and innovation in hoop quilting in (who knows how long?) — perhaps centuries. Modern engineering combined with the demand for a better hoop system has brought about the GraceHoop2™. The GraceHoop2 is a square hoop attached to an all-adjustable stand with an arm and ball swivel. The entire package provides quilters with an easy-to-adjust quilting system that will tailor-fit their height, reach and quilting position.


  • Square-hoop quilting is really a matter of logic. For years we have known that a square hoop would be more ideal for holding fabric than a round one. Because the weave in fabric is square, it lends itself naturally to square-hoop quilting, and makes it much easier to achieve good, even tension on all sides.State-of-the-art Engineering Makes it Possible Now engineering and high-tech wood joinery have enabled The Grace Company to make the GraceHoop2 a reality. You will easily achieve the accuracy and ease of use that would be difficult, if not impossible, with a round hoop. Excellent wood joinery techniques and sturdy materials are what make the GraceHoop2 possible.
Grace Quilting Hoop 2 All Wood Quilting Frame on Birch Stand
  • Quilters will love quilting on the GraceHoop2. Straight edges make positioning and repositioning fabric simpler, and it is much easier to keep track of your work areas. The hoops amazing design will not pull your fabric on the diagonal; it naturally tensions the quilt across the woven grain of the fabric, from side to side, not from corner to corner. The outer hoop rests on the lip of the inner hoop to prevent the outer hoop falling completely over the inner hoop.
    A tighten-and-release system built into the outer hoop allows the quilter to easily tighten it down so that it fits snugly around the fabric and inner hoop without a bolt sticking out to snag on fabric or clothing. Thin, carefully placed dish brackets enable the quilter's hands to get underneath the hoop with plenty of clearance. Quilting is very comfortable, even in the corners. All of the wooden hoop and bracket parts are precisely engineered and machined.
Grace Quilting Hoop 2 All Wood Quilting Frame on Birch Stand
  • The GraceHoop2 comes with one TotalComfort™ Quilt and Craft Stand. This unique stand is made from poplar hardwood and extremely tough Birch plywood, and includes an adjustable arm and two base pieces. When combined with the ball-swivel, the TotalComfort Quilt and Craft Stand provides the quilter with an endless possibility of quilting positions. The arm easily adjusts to seven different height settings, from 24" to 45", nearly a two-foot span. It adjusts high enough for even the tallest of quilters to quilt standing. At its lowest setting, a quilter could quilt sitting on the floor or even while lying in bed. The stand's low-profile front foot base easily slides underneath a sofa, bed or recliner. Side feet provide stability and prevent wobbling, even with the heaviest of quilts. Busy quilters will especially appreciate the GraceHoop2 Lift-and-Tote Handle. Placed on the back of the arm, this handle enables the quilter to quickly lift and pivot the hoop out of the way when getting up.
  • Quilters will be amazed with the GraceHoop2 SureLock™ Swivel device. This all-wood ball swivel mechanism allows for absolute 360-degree rotation, vertically and horizontally. Never before has this kind of flexibility been incorporated in a hoop! Quilters can achieve the same angle and flexibility whether sitting in front or to either side of the hoop. A simple turn of a knob controls both rotational directions, and will lock the ball swivel securely into place at any angle. This aggressive tilt ability also makes the GraceHoop2 fold-up feature possible.
Grace Quilting Hoop 2 All Wood Quilting Frame on Birch Stand
  • We recognize the need for a hoop that is collapsible and easy-to-store. The GraceHoop2 is specially designed with a fold-up feature that makes it easy to lift and tuck away. The arm and hoop fold down evenly with the plane of the stand, while the front foot also folds up to parallel. The side feet detach and hook onto the back of the stand. With the GraceHoop2 folded up, the Lift-and-Tote handle is perfectly positioned for picking up the entire unit and toting it or storing it away.
Grace Quilting Hoop 2 All Wood Quilting Frame on Birch Stand
  • Life-Time Limited Warranty and a Money-Back Guarantee. See our warranty page for details.

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