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    Grace Machine Quilter

    Now includes the King Extension, 4th Rail Batting Kit AND 16 Inch Adapter Set (to accomodate machines with up to 20" throat space)
    • For most home Sewing Machines! Introducing THE GRACE MACHINE QUILTER PRO! The Grace Quilter Frame can be used for machine or hand quilting, so it is dual purpose.
    • The Grace Company, makers of fine hand quilting products, have now developed the perfect frame for machine quilters: The all-inclusive quilting machine system!
    • Enough stroke for machines with up to 20” throat space
    • Leveling Feet
    • Easy-Grip Handles
    • New Pivoting Rails (inspect stitches and change bobbins quickly)
    • Stylus Included
    • Crib Queen and King (128”) Sizes
    • Introductory Special: Free Grace Speed Control with every unit purchased
    • Includes New Fabri-Fast Rails and Fabri-Fast tool
    • Comes with Fourth Rail for batting
    • Straight, Smooth Tracking
    • Easier Side Tension Bungee Clamp System
    • Folding Legs for Easier Storage
    • Rigid Hardwood/Aluminum Construction
    • QuiltMotionTM Compatible (QuiltMotion is Coming Soon)
      Work Area Dimensions:
      70” Crib
      104” Queen
      128” King
      (plan for 3-4 inches of working space on each side of your fabric)
      Carriage will move 16” forward and back.

      Entire Unit Dimensions:
      Minimum Depth 32” Front to Back (Table top, 26” front to back)
      Maximum Depth 50” Front to Back (Table top, 26” front to back)
      75” Crib
      109” Queen
      133” King

      Carriage Dimensions:
      10” Wide X 20”Long X 16” Inside Height
      (If the sewing machine is within these dimensions, it will work on our platform.)

      Carriage Weight Capacity: At least 40 lb machine. Approx max 80lbs.

      Table Top: 30” above the floor. Machine sits 6” above the table. The table top
      width is 26” (the length will depend on the size that you have the frame set up for
      crib, queen or king.)

      Height Adjustable Accessory:

      Handle Height: Adjustable handles on the front, range from 36”- 45” and the
      adjustable handles on back range from 36” - 47”.

      Rails: Made from aluminum extrusion specifically designed for this product.
      There are 13 ½” between the front and middle rail, and 5” between the middle and
      rear rail.

      Sewing Machine: Ideal for any home machine, mid arm or long-arm (up to 18”).

      Construction Materials: Premium Baltic Birch Laminate (dense, no voids, nice
      veneer) the rails consist of Aluminum extrusion specifically designed and
      manufactured for this product. Black plastic parts made of extremely durable ABS

    • Please click here for technical support directly from The Grace Company

      Janome 1600P-DB

      The 1600P-DB high speed sewing machine has the DB needle. Like the other 1600 Professional machines, it sews a straight stitch at 1,600 stitches per minute, the fastest on the market. From the new "Liquid Response" foot control to the pre-tension system, everything on this machine is built for high quality stitches at professional speeds. But while it gives you the performance of an industrial machine, it also gives you the quiet operation and sleek design of a Janome.

      An extra large 9" x 5" work area gives you room for the largest projects. A knee lift lets you raise the presser foot while keeping your hands on your work. An independent motor allows you to wind bobbins while you're sewing. And 10.5 lbs. of presser foot pressure ensures that your layers of fabric won't shift, making it the ideal quilting machine.

      Features include:
    • DBx1 Needle same as 16x231 - with more size range and shank stength than HL or HA household needles
    • Simultaneous bobbin winding while sewing (seperate motor)
    • Side-loading, industrial full rotary hook
    • Extra large 9" x 5.5" work area under arm
    • Dual Krypton sewing lights on either side of needle
    • Industrial-type thread take-up lever
    • No oil holes on sewing bed because of sealed ball bearings
    • Sealed bearings on upper and lower shafts: durable, reliable, and highly stable at high speeds
    • Heavy-duty presser foot pressure adjustable up to 5kg (10.5 lbs.)
    • Top thread pre-tension eliminates kinks at high speeds
    • Threading diagram printed on machine front
    • Bobbin winding diagram printed on top of machine
    • Visible pressure gauge at eye level
    • Knee lifter for presser foot lift leaves hands free
    • Memorized Up/Down needle positioner settings
    • Variable speed limit control lever up to 1600 spm
    • Machine weighs 25 pounds (11.5 kg)
    • Dual Krypton lamps over needle and sewing
    • Fully adjustable stitch length up to 6mm
    • 12mm presser foot lift by hand, 8mm by knee lifter
    • Replaceable threaded attachment setting plate

      Quilter's Cruise Control Stitch Regulator for Selected Sewing Machines & Quilt Frames

      Using optical encoders mounted to your quilting frame, it actively changes the speed of the sewing machine as you move it to help maintain uniform stitch length throughout the quilting project.

      Video Clips

      Free Motion Quilting (8.2MB)

    • Made in the USA
    • It is a stitch length regulator for use with many short-arm quilting frames.
    • It plugs directly into your sewing machine’s foot pedal port.
      Current Compatibilities Available:

      Sewing Machines

      Juki TL-98E
      Juki TL-98Q
      BabyLock Quilter’s Choice Professional
      Bernina (models 135-200)
      Brother 1300
      Brother 1500
      Janome 1600 Professional Series
      Pfaff (series 7000)

      Quilting Frames
      B-Line Home Quilting System
      New Joy
      PennyWinkle Valley Ranch
      Suzy Q Quilter
      Grace and Little Gracie (new and old carriages, GMQ Pro and Little Gracie II)
      John Watts Quilter

      *requires compatible parts, purchased from frame manufacturer.

      If you do not see your sewing machine or quilting frame, contact us for future release dates. We are working on adding different versions.

      Handi Handles 2-Way control box (start/stop & speed control) for Janome 6500/1600 & Pfaff HGQ

      Has the same functions as the handles but in a smaller format. It has a click on, click off switch and a speed contol knob (no thread trimming options). This works very good with the Grace and the Hinterburg frames and is available with a clip on the back to attach to the quilting frame. This is also a good option for those quilters who like quilting from the needle end as it can be mounted with velcro to any surface.




Grace GMQ Pro Quilting Frame, Janome 1600P-DB Longarm Machine, Quilters Cruise Control - USA Sales Only


    Because life if too short for a slow quilting machine

    This Combination Includes:

  • New Grace GMQ Pro, King Size Quilting Frame Lighter Weight Table and Stand in 70" or 104" and 128" WidthsStraight Stitch Heavy-Duty Free Motion Foot&Plate, 60% Faster than 6500/6600P-5 Yr Ext Wnty USA
  • Quilter's Quilters Cruise Control QQC STITCH REGULATOR w/Optical Encoders for Free Motion Stitch Length Control on Sewing Machines & Quilt Frames*
  • Does not include any Handi Handles 2-way control box shown, becaue you can control the start/stop nnd speed control from the Quilters Cruise Control included.
  • Manufacturer's US Warranty: To view the warranty for this combo, please view specific warranty information on the individual product pages.
  • Non-US Warranty: To view the warranty for this combo, please view specific warranty information on the individual product pages.

    INCLUDED Grace GMQ Pro, King Size Machine Quilting Frame/Lighter Weight Aluminum on Wood Table, Stand & Legs in 70" or 104" and 128" Widths - FREE Assembly DVD
    INCLUDED Janome 1600P DB 5.5x9" Longarm Straight Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine, 1600P-DB, Speed Control up to 1600 SPM, Use DBx1 Needles - USA Sales Only
    INCLUDED Quilters Cruise Control STITCH REGULATOR Optical Encoders for Free Motion Stitch Length/Speed Control of Electronic Sewing Machines on Quilting Frames
    INCLUDED A&E Signature 100% Cotton Machine Quilting Thread Sampler Box - 6 Solid Colors Kit
    Organ 16X231 PD Titanium Coated Regular SHARP Industrial Sewing Machine Needles - Same as16x257, 16x71, JLx1B and Juki DBx1 Needle Systems - 100/box

    Grace Frame Quilting Pro
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4th Rail Kit
  • King Size Extension
  • 16 Inch Adapter Set (to accomodate machines with up to 20" throat space)

    Janome 1600P:
  • Bobbins
  • Lint Brush
  • Hemmer Foot
  • Spool Cap
  • Spool Net
  • Needles
  • Spool Holder
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Cloth Guide
  • Accessory Box
  • Oil
  • Knee Lifter



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