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Inspiration 4212 Sewing Machine

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The new Inspiration from Singer is simply the easiest. Designed by sewers for sewers, Inspiration makes it unbelievably effortless to bring your best ideas to life. The Inspiration simplifies threading, bobbin winding and insertion, buttonholes an...


The new Inspiration from Singer is simply the easiest. Designed by sewers for sewers, Inspiration makes it unbelievably effortless to bring your best ideas to life. The Inspiration simplifies threading, bobbin winding and insertion, buttonholes and more. It covers all the basics freeing you to create projects that are anything but. Three special features help make it possible. Exclusive No-Error Threading Threading can be one of the most annoying chores of sewing. The Singer Inspiration, however, has fault-tolerant upper threading system that works even if you forget to raise the presser foot. This system eliminates two big threading problems: missing the tension and not threading the take up lever. Thread the machine in seconds! No tediously following manual's instruction to thread the machine, just follow the arrows on the machine...and you are threaded the machine correctly in a snap. Exclusive Sure-Fit Bobbin Eliminate any confusion when setting the bobbin in place. With the SINGER exclusive Sure-Fit Bobbin, it is easy to correctly insert the bobbin because it only goes in one way! There are no bobbin cases to remove or adjust. Because it also a top-loading bobbin, it is easy to monitor the thread supply. Exclusive Duratec Machine Body "Duratec" is a unique space-age material that unites high-strength resin, rugged glass fibres, and selected mineral compounds into a material equal to aluminium in durability but superior in other characteristics. "Duratec" offers greater strength, reduced weight, and improved functional performance is integrated in the SINGER Inspiration 4212 sewing machine. StayBright LED Light A modern convenience that addresses the second-most asked for feature by consumers, lighting that won't burn out. This long lasting (100,000 hours) bulb stays cool, regardless of how long the machine is operated and provides a brighter more natural light than an standard incandescent bulb. 12 Built-In Stitches A variety of stitches for fashion sewing, quilting, crafts, home decorating and decorative sewing, always ensures the perfect stitch for every project. Built-In Stretch Stitches Specially designed stitches that add strength and flexibility to seams, especially useful when sewing on knitwear. Some of the stretch stitches can also be used for decorative embellishment. One-Step Automatic Built-In Buttonhole sewing is a one step simple process that provides reliable results. Automatic Needle Threader - After effortlessly threading the machine this time-saving feature automatically threads the eye of the needle! Adjustable Stitch Length - Length can be set as desired for each individual application. Adjustable Stitch Width - Width can be set as desired for each individual application. 6mm Stitch Width Stitches can be set for a maximum width of 6mm. Reverse Button - Push the conveniently located Reverse Button to sew in reverse, such as when reinforcing seams. Multiple Needle Positions - Needle position can be changed for individual projects, such as inserting zippers or cording and topstitching. Automatic Tension - This system ensures stable stitch quality, whatever type of fabric is being used. Jam-Proof Bobbin System - This is a system in which the bobbin case actually floats above the hook, precluding thread jams. The machine will not jam, even when sewing on sheer fabric or no fabric at all! Automatic Bobbin Winder Declutch - Needle bar easily disengages for winding the bobbin Free Arm - Provides professional results and easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems and other difficult-to-reach areas. Thread Cutter - Located for precise thread cutting, eliminating the extra step of cutting thread with scissors. 4-Segment Feeding System - This is a specially designed feed dog that ensures that the fabric is picked up and supported from the front of the presser foot to the rear. This makes for much more accurate feeding. Electronic Foot Controller - Guarantees consistent sewing speed with no jump starts sew slow yet the motor still give the needle full power.. Ease of Operation - Sewers want the Inspiration 4212 because it is simple to set up and intuitive to use. The dials are clearly marked, easy to grip and smooth to operate. Snap-On Presser Feet - Change from one foot to another effortlessly with Snap-On feet. No need for screwdrivers to change feet. On Board Storage Keep the accessories in the Extension Table Accessory Storage area, and they are always easily accessible. Portable and Cabinet Mountable yet the Singer Inspiration has a built-in carry handle, making it easy to transport the machine. Thick fabrics...! No problem to Singer 4212 it's automatic pressure system, this automatically adjusts the pressure for sewing on fabrics from the lightest weight tricots to the heaviest denim, helps to maximize feed accuracy. Twin Needle Capable Simultaneously produces two rows of parallel lines of stitching to create sporty professional-looking hems, sophisticated topstitching or decorative embellishment.
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