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KenQuilt Long Arm Quilting Machine

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KenQuilt Royal Long Arm Quilting Machine


  • 3,500 stitches per minute controlled by special variable rheostat located in machine head and maintains a constant speed
  • Full-size industrial sewing head is mounted on a special carriage which allows it to move in 360 degrees, side-to-side or front-to-back enabling user to sew intricate quilting patterns including circles and loops
  • Can be operated from front or back via cushioned grips
  • Uses a 135 x 17 needle, which is 1/4" longer than most, allowing for a wider array of materials
  • Includes an extra large bobbin capacity with built-in bobbin winder allowing you to wind an extra bobbin while quilting
  • Laser light stylus for tracing patterns more accurately
  • 12" florescent light over needle area can be changed to black light
  • Sealed ball bearings and oil impregnated bronze bushings allow for minimum lubrication
  • Comes with 3' x 12' table and is extremely compact, can fit into spare bedroom, garage, or workroom
  • 12 popular quilting patterns included
  • 24" from needle to the back of the throat and 11-1/2" from the bottom to top, allowing the operator to quilt a 12" pattern with an 11-1/2" roll under the arm of the machine
  • Safety spring loaded "on-off" control automatically shuts-off the machine when operating handle is released
  • Simple and easy to operate!
  • Roll quilt lengthwise onto back roller
  • Feed quilt onto front take-up roller located under the arm of the full size industrial sewing head
  • Start with the leading edge of the quilt spread
  • Move the machine right to left, following a quilt stitch pattern template with the aid of a stylus or pointer mounted on the machine carriage
  • After two rows of quilting, the spread is then rolled foward and two more rows are completed
  • Repeat last step until the entire spread is beautifully quilted with the look of handcrafted artistry
  • Includes instructional video

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