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Better Lifestyle Fold-Away Wall Mounted Ironing Board (Vertical)

The NEW, wall mounted LifeStyle VERTICAL Ironing Board is designed to give you the benefits of a full sized ironing board with a minimal width to fit into narrow spaces such as closets, cabinets and other space constrained areas. Rather than opening parallel to the wall or cabinet, like the Full Size iIroning board, the Vertical ironing board folds out perpendicular to the wall which allows you to install this into very narrow spaces.  Similarly our ¾ size compact board is also in the vertical-perpendicular format making it ideal for narrow spaces on walls or building it into small broom closets or cabinets.

What Do You Get (Package Contents):

  • Lifestyle Ironing Center (Vertical) - OSUV-01
  • Chrome-Plated Iron Rest
  • Padded Cloth Ironing Board Cover - Natural color
  • Heavy Duty Fabric Wall Cover
  • Wall Mounting Plate & all required mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions and user guide.


  • The LifeStyle Full Size Vertical Ironing Center is THE Total Ironing Solution that fits in even tighter spaces while maintaining a full sized ironing surface.
  • Extremely stable, full-size, ventilated, STEEL mesh ironing surface. Does not require any underside support or struts like other outdated ironing centers!
  • Takes up minimal wall space! It’s patented, space-saving design folds away when not in use to just a mere 4¼" wall profile!
  • High-quality STEEL construction throughout with cast zinc alloy hinges that allow board to lie perfectly flat!
  • Subtly stylish, detachable Fabric Wall Cover.
  • Neutral, soft cream color blends with most any decor.
  • Simple, fast D-I-Y installation. You only need to locate one wall stud! No tradesmen or special tools required!
  • Can be mounted at any convenient height you wish!
  • Sturdy, yet contemporary design.
  • Opens VERTICAL to the wall! THEN, swivels and locks at any angle between ZERO and 180 degrees, thereby utilizing normally unused space.
  • Durable, high quality, padded cloth ironing board cover included! Minimizes movement during ironing. Stays on while folding and unfolding ironing board.
  • Portability! Easy to un-mount and install in a new room or building; packs comfortably into a car trunk.
  • The LifeStyle Full Size VERTICAL Ironing Center is also ideal for physically-challenged users because it can be mounted at just about any height.

The wall mounted LifeStyle Vertical Ironing Center is particularly practical for installation in confined spaces, such as narrow hallways, studio apartments, walk-in closets, TV rooms, boats, trailer homes, RVs, shop and theater dressing rooms, hotel & motel units, holiday cabins, assisted living homes, hospitals and clinics, airport facilities, etc.

But, even where space is not a problem, you will still enjoy the many benefits of the practical, stylish and affordable LifeStyle Vertical Ironing Center. Check them, again:



  • Easy to install – locate just one wall stud, no special tools or expertise required
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Ironing Board swivels 180 degrees to any desired angle for right or left handed use!

Space Saving

  • Replace clumsy, space-hungry old ironing boards and ironing centers
  • Re-assign floor space and storage space to other uses, or simply reduce clutter


  • Less than half the cost of most ironing centers, twice the functionality
  • Full-size ironing board
  • Includes Chrome-Plated Iron Rest, Padded Cloth Ironing Board Cover, Fabric Wall Cover, Wall Mounting Plate & all required mounting hardware, installation instructions and user guide.

Design & Quality

  • Highest quality materials ... all STEEL construction
  • Very stable ironing surface due to superb design and engineering
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

  • Can the Vertical ironing center be rotated before opening to iron?
    Yes either model can be folded down from the wall and rotated a complete 180 degrees before opening to iron.
  • What is the size of the Vertical ironing center in its closed position with the wall cover on?
    30¼" (77cm) Tall X 15¼" (38cm) Wide X 4¼" (11cm) Deep
  • Is the wall cover required to operate the Vertical ironing center?
    Not at all, the wall cover on either ironing center is simply there to cover your ironing center when not in use.
  • What color is the compact size wall cover?
    The heavy duty washable fabric wall cover comes in a soft white color.


  • Full-size ironing surface: 39¾" (101cm) L X 15" (38cm) W
  • Fold away dimensions: 30¼" (77cm) T X 15¼" (38cm) W X 4¼" (11cm) D
  • Weight: 24lbs
  • Boxed Weight: 27lbs

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