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Melco Bravo PkgC 16 Needle 17x17" Embroidery Machine +Design Shop Pro+ Digitizing Vector Graphics Software* + Network up to 4

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Price: $12,995.00

In stock

16 Needle,

14x12 Embroidery Machine,

Design Shop Digitizing VECTOR Graphics*,

8 Hoop Laser ActiFeed AutoTension Rollers,

No Dials 1100SPM*DesignShop VECTOR Digitizing.

OS Software,



Edit, Resize,

Hoop Select,

Color Sequence Load Center Speed Trace,

Convert Home & Industrial Formats to EXP OFM


The AMAYA BRAVO is a commercial and professional 16 needle embroidery machine capable of embroidering a wide variety of products at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.

Based on the world class AMAYA XT platform (same head), the AMAYA BRAVO allows for optional cap embroidery and small pocket embroidery. A wide selection of additional options are available for the BRAVO, making it a perfect entry-level embroidery machine for companies with a limited budget.

If you are thinking of investing in embroidery production on a tight budget, the AMAYA BRAVO is a great place to start.

The BRAVO 16 needle professional embroidery machine offers businesses of any size powerful embroidery capabilities at an affordable price.

The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality. Based on the powerful AMAYA XT embroidery machine platform, the BRAVO produces all the professional quality embroidery your customers will keep coming back to you for.

Personalized and embroidered goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce a wide variety of products to meet these demands.

The BRAVO can embroider: Tubular or Flat Shirts, Blankets, Bags, Jackets, Pants, Jeans, Leather. Hats and Pockets with Optional Cap and Cylinder Equipment. 

Includes DesignShop V9 Lite Machine Embroidery and Design Software

Convert nearly any piece of artwork into digital embroidery files with ease. DesignShop V9 has powerful graphics capabilities that perform quick conversion-to-stitches with the ability to customize. You can also change stitches to vector files on-screen without using another program or switching to another screen. 

  • NEW! Enhanced screen layout
  • NEW! Object properties window
  • NEW! File info. in open dialog box
  • NEW! Realistic display of trimmed/non trimmed thread
  • NEW! Property toolbar
  • Enhanced entry & exit point symbols
  • Custom hoop selections
  • Show stitches in 3D
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Graphical zoom in and out
  • Show/hide stitches, wireframe points lines,connectors, entry/exit points and elements
  • Print: Design, status, note, company logo
  • Drawing speeds (slow to fast redraw)
  • Project tree
  • Layer by color
  • Color palette and navigator
  • Units of measure (English, metric, points)
  • Display embroidery hoops for commercial machines
  • NEW! Envelope for lettering
  • NEW! Customize both envelope and perspective baselines by adding points along the line
  • Control point editing
  • Expanded stitch editing
  • Display alphabet code sheets
  • Automatic borders: • Satin or walk/bean stitch • Density/column width adjust • Automatic underlays • Color changes/border sequence
  • Scale, rotate and slant individual letters
  • On-screen lettering
  • Lettering properties simplified
  • Multi-color, symbol, monogramming 
  • Change height, width and slant
  • Change color of individual letters
  • Closest, bottom or as digitized connections
  • Scale, rotate and slant lettering elements
  • Font (alphabet) preview
  • Auto fabric adjustment
  • Auto underlays
  • Change letter stitch order (center out, right to left, left to right)
  • Change line stitch order (top to bottom, line wrapping, bottom up)
  • NEW! Color handling system
  • NEW! True element bounding boxes
  • NEW! Scale toolbar
  • X,Y pull compensation
  • Insert, delete move and change input points
  • Group/ungroup and search
  • Scale and rotate
  • Cut, copy, paste and duplicate
  • NEW! Backup system
  • NEW! Improved help system
  • NEW! Internet update
  • AMAYA color sequence ability
  • Direct link from DesignShop V9 to AMAYA
  • Additional formats (.pat, .gnc, .emd, .shv)

    Prerecorded Webinar Training
    You can go to and click on the “media” tab to view prerecorded training webinars for the Melco Amaya Bravo.

    Note: The YouTube Videos below on Melco Amaya XTS, Design Shop and OS Software may include more features than the Bravo, DesignShop Lite software and OS Lite user interface. Read entire page for what features are included with Bravo.

  • US Warranty 1- year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30- days parts and labor
Melco Amaya is the Only Embroidery Machine Made in the USA. 
  • Type and # of Heads 1 Arm & Bed
  • # of Needles: 16
  • Maximum Tubular flat hoop size (X by Y): 360mm x 300mm (14.17"x 11.8")Effective sewing area is 1/2" less. 
  • Removable Table Top with Tool Bays : Yes 
  • Min/Max Sew Speed Flat Hoops: 300-1000 SPM
  • Min/Max Sew Speed Optional Cap Hoop: 300-1000 SPM
  • Stitch Length Range: Only Limited by Hoop Size
  • User Interface: (AMAYA OS Lite only) 
  • Machine Configuration: single head, cannot be linked with other machines. 
  • Simplified User Interface: Step by Step Guide Software
  • Thread Feed Technology: Patented Acti-Feed Auto Tension
  • Thread Break Detection: Yes
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer: Yes
  • Lighting Type Cold Bright: Cold bright LED
  • Power Supply (V): 90-260V (Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 4A)
  • Power Consumption (W): Typical: 200 Watts Max: 650 Watts
  • Temperature Range: 15-40° C
  • Humidity: Max 85% RH
  • Installation Category (overvoltage): II
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Motor Type(s): Servo
  • Motor Capacity (kV): X and Z: 100 Watts Y: 250 Watts
  • Machine Construction Material: Aluminum Frame

    Physical Specifications with Cart (option)
  • Width: 724mm (28.5")
  • Height: 1584mm (62.4")
  • Depth: 944mm (37.2")
  • Weight: 95.4kg (210.3 lbs)

    Physical Specifications without Cart (standard)
  • Width: 724mm (28.5")
  • Height: 950.9mm (37.4")
  • Depth: 737mm (29.0")
  • Weight: 75kg (165lbs)
Included Accessories
Package “C”
Includes: Machine, Cart, Hoop set (4) Micro Pocket Hoop (1), Cap driver, Cap frame, Cap Gauge, Power cord, Ethernet Crossover Cable, Design Shop Software (Digitizing)(Vector Graphics Option)Dakota 1000 Design Pack, Action Illustrated 1000 Design Pack, Small Business Start Up Guide.(PDFfile) Provided
Adding To Package “C”
An “A” Package, Can Be Plugged Into a ”C” Package and be networked
It Is Not Necessary To Purchase Additional “C” Packages

  • Operator Kit Box: Extra red thread feed rooler, Extra bobbin case, 2 Extra thumb screws for arms, Allen wrench set, 4mm Allen Driver, Metal grease, Plastic grease, Brush for grease, Oiler with spout, plastic cord for threading tubes, .4mm gauge for rotary hook support position bracket, Panel Selection Button Guide.

  • Bravo Operating System OS Lite (USB)
  • Melco Sizer
  • Class Room Training
  • Webinar Software Training
  • 15cm Hoop
  • 30x36 Jacket Back Hoop
  • Removable Table Top with Tool Bays

    Melco Alphabets: The following link shows images of which alphabets are included with Melco software DesignShop Lite. Melco Alphabet Lettering Fonts
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