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Grace Quilt Motion

QuiltMotion is the computer automated quilting at its best--

Experience the simple yet overall incredibly complete package. Enjoy unique, all-inclusive software - simple, and quilter-friendly. Digitize, size and create your blocks, pantographs, borders and full quilt layouts.

QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through pattern design to stitching wigh absolute ease. You will be amazed at all you can accomplish by utilizing QuiltMotion for yor quilting process. QuiltMotion brings together all the aspects of the quilting process, seamlessly taking you from IDEA to DESIGN to REALITY.

Digitize and design unlimited patterns utilizing simplified techniques including tracing, mirrors and optimization.

Size and create your blocks, pantographs, and borders to the exact dimensions of your quilt. Precisely place your patterns on your quilt with one of several placement methods.



QuiltMotion is powered by QuiltCAD, the most successful stitch pattern design software on the market.





QuiltCAD and QuiltMotion work hand-in-hand to provide you with simple, flow-through quilting --from idea to design to reality.

QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through pattern designs to stitching with absolute ease. It is a complete new way of looking at computer-assisted, "Flow-through quilting".  



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