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Sailrite Sailmaker Industrial Sewing Machine

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Included Accessories:

Interactive Instruction video on CD-Rom /The Sailrite Guidebook / Roller presser foot / straight stitch, 5mm &12mm throat plates, feed dogs & feet / Adjustable zipper foot / Right hand industrial zipper foot / Narrow hemmer / 4 Bobbins / V-69 thread / 65 needles in 5 different sizes / Sewing machine oil / Seam ripper / 2 Spool caps / Knee pedal, balance wheel, etc. (for use in optional power stand configuration only)

Shuttle: full rotary / gear driven
Weight: 70 lbs
Power: 1/10th hp, 110 volt, AC motor, 1.5 amp
Case Composition: vinyl covered plywood
Case Dimensions: 24" wide x 14" high x 11" deep
Maximum sewing speed per min:
800 stitches (portable motor driven)
2,000 stitches (in optional power stand)
Max. zigzag stitch width: 12mm
Max. straight stitch length: 5mm
Needle bar stroke: 35mm
Bed size: 15.7" x 7"
Underarm space: 8.5" x 5.4"
Thread take-up lever: link type




Sailrite Industrial Sewing Machine: Sailrite Sailmaker

The Sailmaker is Sailrite's top of the line industrial sewing machine. It is built on a very finely finished, precisely built industrial sewing machine head by Brother. Sailrite modifies the head to make it portable and very powerful and then places it in a high quality carrying case. Excellent instructions guide you in its usage.

This machine is ideal for the cruising or racing yachtsman and for home sewing but it is also excellent for loft use where it can make "boat calls" possible.


  • Underarm Space is 33% wider and 20% higher than any home machine. As a result, it is much easier to handle bulky sails and covers.
  • Long Straight Stitches are possible (5mm long vs. the standard 4mm). Acrylic materials can be fabricated without needle puckers and a special locking needle bar ensures that those stitches are truly straight.
  • Precise Cloth Feed. You can expect this machine to feed cloth better than most others because it features a 12mm wide foot and feed dog for more pulling power. The rows of teeth on the feed dog are wider resulting in more surface area and pulling power. And the quality of the metal is superior to many others so feed dogs are sharper and stay that way longer. An extra heavy duty pressure foot spring further reduces slippage by creating more pressure down on the cloth.
  • Amazing Power. The 110 volt motor is coupled with our extra heavy MONSTER balance wheel to provide amazing power. The large diameter pulley on the balance wheel increases start up power while the weight of the wheel increases inertia during operation.
  • Gear Driven Rotary Mechanism. This means that the primary shafts in the top and the bottom of the machine are linked together by gear shafts. And that the shuttle hook or gib hook that picks up the thread from the eye of the needle moves in continuous rotation. This machine type is relatively expensive to build--there are a good many more parts than in oscillating machines and they must be made to more exacting tolerances. It results, however, in a machine that will sew at high speeds very smoothly with no tendency toward thread jams. It is right at home in a production environment.
  • A Sliding Helical Gear drives the shuttle shaft. This gear slides left and right as the machine turns and actually changes the speed of the hook's rotation--it is speeded up to catch the needle when it is on the left and slowed down to accommodate the needle on the right. That is why the machine can sew a zigzag stitch 12 millimeters wide. But, even if you seldom use that width stitch, the sliding gear makes the machine much more dependable and forgiving because it increases the range of timing adjustment over which it will function and greatly reduces skipped stitches even in very thick fabric assemblies. Fourteen layers of 8-ounce Dacron©; and of 9.25-ounce Sunbrella can be sewn with this machine!
  • A Very Versatile Machine. It is just as hard for a machine to sew very light fabrics as it is to sew very heavy fabrics. The Sailmaker excels at sewing the entire range of fabrics. In it unmodified version it is used commercially by tailors.
  • Built-n Bobbin Winder and Thread Stand. Ease of use is enhanced by a built-in bobbin winder and thread stand. Industrial machines normally have separately mounted bobbin winders which are harder to set up and use. And having a built-in thread stand is much more convenient than a free standing one.
  • Excellent Design. The Sailmaker is a very smooth, versatile, well built, and powerful machine. It comes in an instrument quality carrying case. It is also user friendly with easily understood adjustment dials and hinged covers for quick internal access. Feeding mechanisms of which there are three (straight, 5mm, 12mm) are spring loaded and released for quick changes---changes which are necessary to optimize stitch quality. Throat plates slide out and feed dog screws are readily accessible from below.
  • Customer Support. Sailrite has sold the Sailmaker for over 20 years. it is a very reliable machine. An excellent Guidebook with many illustrations and exploded engineering drawings has been prepared by our staff for its use. All parts are identified and labeled. If questions arise, help is a toll free call away.
  • This sewing machine does not have a walking foot or a walking foot attachment.

Optional Accessories:

  • Standard Light
  • Deluxe Light
  • Right and Left Roping/Zipper Presser Feet
  • Binder Attachments

From Sailrite: "Sailrite Sailmaker™ — This is a large 3/4 industrial arm machine (weighs 70+ pounds in case). The Sailmaker will sew either zigzag or straight stitches. It is our flagship machine and has a wonderful history in the sail and canvas sewing industry. I think of this unit as the best selection if you intend to do mostly sail repair or sail construction. It has the weight and strength in the arm to handle the heavy and stiff Dacron sailcloth. I also recommend this unit to individuals who intend to do a lot of home sewing. Because this machine was a "tailors" machine prior to our modifications it is well suited for dressmaking. The Sailmaker is our most versatile machine. It is also the best constructed machine with the highest quality components"

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