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Singer Quantum XL-6000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Suggested retail: $5000.00
Our Price: $2,799.00
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Included Accessories:

General Purpose Foot
Even Feed Foot
Zipper Foot
Special Purpose Foot
Embroidery & Darning Foot
Rolled Hem Foot
Cording Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Overcasting Foot
Button Sewing Foot
Invisible Zipper Foot
Blindstitch Hem Foot

Buttonhole Opener/Brush
Link Brush
Quilting Guide
Screwdriver (special)
Spool Cap (large)
Spool Cap (small)

Built-In Designs
-Embroidery fonts including a 4" tall block & beautiful script.
-The regular fonts are up to 2" (10mm-50mm) including Shadowed letters.
-Monogram motiffs
-Over 100 beautiful floral designs
-Large selection of borders & frames


Singer Quantum XL-6000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Included with this machine is a 3900 Embroidery Design CD with 21 Fonts, Video & Workbook, and 25/5 year extended warranty!

  • Direct Computer Interface Attach your sewing machine directly to your computer to get designs from the internet or design disks. This interface also allows you to upgrade your machine. No more need for converter boxes or cards.
  • Continuous Hoop and Continuous Hoop Card I are included accessories- The Continuous hoop lets you embroider designs without removing the hoop from your machine to rehoop the fabric. To do so, you raise the latch and slide the fabric to the next setting. The machine puts a referenece point on the fabric to make it easy to line up and realign the needle. Less time Hooping, more time sewing!
  • Auto Thread Exchanger™-- Allows switching between two colors of thread. After one color has been sewn, the machine stops, rethreads itself and continues sewing.
  • Pop-up Language capability for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese
  • Improved Embroidery Lettering-- the Quantum 2600 can string together 120 characters or letters and can embroidery fronts from 7 mm to 60 mm that can be resized in 1 mm incraments. Also, unlimited increment rotation gives you the ability to rotate designs and letters in 1 degree increments. Vertical and horizontal letter positioning allows you to do vertical lettering all at once instead of one letter at a time.
  • SINGER® Endless Bobbin™, along with being able to use traditional class 15 bobbins, this machine can also wind in place on an "endless bobbin" from the needle thread, or from a separate spool in the wind-in-place bobbin system underneath. Less time winding bobbins and more time sewing!
  • Auto Thread Exchanger™
  • Automatic Threading™
  • Multi-Hooping-- With this, you can easily do large area designs up to 10" x 18" total size. You can create your layout on screen to ensure precisely matched and perfectally sews designs.
  • Full-color, 3-D LCD screen-- easy to read and shows your designs on screen.
  • Pictogram and icon-based menus-- Includes instructions and help screens to guide you with your embroidery.
  • Sideways Sewing: This allows you to sew in FOUR directions-- forward, backward, left and right-- without lifting the presser foot.
  • Accepts up to 128 colors in a single hoop
  • Built-in embroidery resizing from 90% - 120%
  • Up to 800 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • SINGER® patented quilting stitches-- This is a stitch that creates the look of hand quilting and can be customized to many stitch lengths.
  • Extra high lift presser bar, manual drop feed, and knee lever
  • Needle up/Needle Down
  • Sewing odometer-- Helps to knew when to change needles and to service your machine
  • Variable Sewing Speed-Allows control of sewing speed according to the complexity of your project. Select higher speeds for regular sewing and lower speeds for intricate embroidery.
  • Computer-controlled thread tension-Automatic, computer-controlled thread metering system delivers the precise amount of thread for the optimal appearance of each stitch.
  • Embroidery Area 6-1/2" x 9-1/2"
  • Built-In Stitch & Buttonhole choices-Review your choices on-screen and simply touch the one your want. Buttonholes can be perfectly sewn in one step to match the size of any button. A variety of stitch patterns & buttonhole styles are available.

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