Whether you are a new or an expert sewing machine user, narrowing down choices can be difficult . Here are some questions that can help you choose the perfect home sewing machine:

Are you purchasing a sewing machine for a specific application ? 

Sewing, Quilting and Embroidering fits three Categories. Combination Machines are good for the Sewiest who needs to save space in there home with the ability to also switch from sewing to embroidery with the touch of a button (and attaching the embroidery unit of course:)....)  

 Think About The Extra Features: Certain manufacturers specialize in non-standard options such as speed control, stitch pattern customization, computer synchronization ability, and automatic embroidery work, 

Budget? Sewing machines can go as low as $60 to upwards of $11,000 depending on parts and motor materials as well as the features that are included. The most important thing is to splurge for the most expensive machine you can afford so that you do not easily out grow your machine and need to purchase a higher model within a year or two.

What type of fabrics will you be sewing on? This is an important factor to consider because thicker fabric and upholstery material require machines with powerful motor that can handle multi-layers of material.

How much noise is too much? Some brands make more noise than others. Keep in mind that heavy-duty sewing machines usually make MORE noise than simple sewing options. 

Do you want an automatic needle threader on your machine? If you have a hard time threading your needle, you may want this on your machine. But there are some machines that have the threader that don't work well. Check out the Brother Innovi NS80E for a well made needle threader feature. 

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