Sylvia Design V40X36L Cutting Mat 40" x 36"

Sylvia Design V40X36L Cutting Mat 40" x 36"

  • $ 629.00

This 36″ x 40″ cutting mat with grid is the perfect size for those large quilting, sewing or craft projects. It fits on any large cutting table and is just right for when you have set up only half of your cutting table like the Sylvia model 3000.

The mat is marked in inches on two sides and metric on the other two sides.

The cutting mat is white with easy to see blue grid lines marked in 1/4″ increments measuring 37″ x 32″. This mat has the numbers on the outside of the border, allowing you to accurately measure and make cuts all the way to the edges.

There are lines for bias markings for cutting bias strips. The cutting mat is not self-healing.