Reliable1000FR 2" Round Knife Cloth Cutter

Reliable1000FR 2" Round Knife Cloth Cutter

  • $ 159.00


The 1000FR is a light, versatile hand-held cutter that is easy to use and easier to learn.

Its ergonomically designed body/ handle makes it a pleasure to use.

High quality components ensure that you can count on the 1000FR for your daily low ply cutting tasks.


The advantage of a small blade vs. a larger blade is the improved maneuverability, and its ability to cut a tight radius corner.

The 1000FR will cut a single ply all the way up to multiple ply’s up to 1/4” thick.


• Double insulated high torque motor

• Manual lubrication

• 1/4” cutting capacity

• 2” blade size

• Extra-strong cast aluminum head