Consew Model 347R-1A-1

Consew Model 347R-1A-1

  • $ 3,175.00


  • For sewing light to medium weight materials including leather, vinyl, canvas and laminated and coated materials
  • Designed for stitching on cylindrical objects and to close many kinds of apparel or accessory articles
  • Can also be used for decorative types of stitching
  • Suitable for stitching such products as wet suits, tarpaulins, sails, shoes, boots and mops
  • VERSIONS (see picture of stitch patterns):
    347R-1A-1 • 1 Stitch Zig-Zag (304)
    347R-2A-1 • 2 Stitch Zig-Zag (308)
    347R-3A-1 • 3 Stitch Zig-Zag



Number of Needles 1 (Single)
Feeding Mechanism Drop Feed
Workspace Standard Workspace
Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 3000
Clearence Under Presser Foot 15/64" (6mm)
Stitch Length 5 s.p.i. (5mm)
Needle 135 x 5
Bobbin Metal B54
Pre-wound F
Stitch Type 304
Needle Bar Stroke 1 19/64" (33mm)
Hook B49
Stitch Width, Max 3/8" (8mm)
Cylinder Diameter 2 3/16" (55mm)

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