Consew Model F117 1 Bobbin Winder

Consew Model F117 1 Bobbin Winder

  • $ 2,989.00



  • Perfect and accurate bobbin winding with no operator necessary.
  • Types of thread wound include monofilament, nylon, rayon, cotton, synthetics and embroidery.
  • Winds any type bobbin (L, G, M) with .237" or 6mm opening including HA, DB, 400W, TC, 112W and HSM types, embroidery metal bobbins.
  • Ideal for sewing and embroidery thread.


  • Lower Costs - less costly than pre-wounds per bobbin and no large lot purchases necessary.
  • True Color Consistency - pre-wound colors can often vary noticeably which affects sewn product quality.
  • Reduced Waste/Better Inventory Control - an operator needs only one thread spool instead of two.
  • All thread winding is done in a central location which ensures that the correct quantity of thread is used to do the job - NO PARTIALLY USED THREAD CONES.
  • Cuts Machine Downtime - Increases Operator Production - operator-wound bobbins consume operator time.
  • Guaranteed Yardage on Each Bobbin - operator-wound bobbins yardage varies. The F-117C helps you avoid run outs/seam repairs/more bobbin changes, seconds.
  • Consistent Thread Tension - ensures smoother stitches and neater seams.
  • Better Production Planning - CONSEW's automatic bobbin winder lets you control the amount of thread being wound which permits better production plans.


  • Winds bobbins fast
  • Hopper holds more than 100 standard size bobbins
  • Automatic "shut-off" system when bobbin supply or thread is exhausted
  • No operator required
  • Built in circuit breaker
  • Thread Tension Adjustment
  • Available in 110V or 220