APPLICATIONS: Filtration-Furnitures-Geotextiles-Government and Military Specs-Home Furnishings-Mattress-Medical Orthopedic Device-Outdoor Applications-Shoe and Leather-Sporting Goods.

    AUTOMOTIVE-BNT Bobbinn NYLON -PLIED- BONDEDHigh performance twisted sideless bobbins for use in medium weight industrial applications.  Ideal for use in upholstery, leather goods, and are designed to provide optimum sewability.

    POLYESTER- Aqua -Seal-Premo Bond-Primo Bond Bobbins

     Uniform tack and yardage - providing consistent performance.Manufactured using proprietary cross-tack technology.Excellent abrasion resistance.Packed in 1/2 gross boxes >144 bobbins per gross.Fil Tec bonded twisted multifilament thread ideal for sewing a wide range of products.  BNT Nylon provides superior sewability plus good abrasion resistance and seam strength. Excellent sewability.Good abrasion resistance.High bond quality and consistent diameter.Good seam strength.Stocked in a wide range of sizes and colors.

    Embroidery and Quilting Threads:

    TOP THREADS : Glide-Luminary-Essence-Blaze Guard-Affinity-Glisten 

    BOBBINS: Magna-Glide Classic -Magna Guard-Bobbin Line #90 Clear -Glide-Clear Spun-Supra-Glide-Economy Paper Sided-Bobbin Line

    Fil-Tec is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass gasket rope and tape products. Our fiberglass ropes, tapes, tadpole tapes and sleeves are used worldwide to keep heat contained. Used in window, door, lid or access panel applications or as insulation wrap, our high temperature fiberglass products cost effectively address your heat containment problems.

    Find the solution you need with Fil-Tec fiberglass rope, tape, bolthole tape, tadpole tape, window tape, or sleeve products.