Naomoto - Ergonomic design and excellent liner finishing.

    Electric Steam Iron 

    *Electrical Heated Steam Hose with solenoid valve
    *Light Touch for Steaming
    *Lighter Weight & Precise temperature control
    *No condensation even at low temperature

    All Steam Iron "2-in-1" Series Iron

    Excellent performance in your ironing like "Easy,Smooth and Safe Handling" and "genuine reliability".
    Various models are available for Final pressing,Seam opening,Touch-up and Flat-knit finishing.

    Gravity Feed or Pump Feed Iron "HYS series"

    Without any steam generator, you can easily start ironing wherever you want if only an electric power supply is available. It is suitable for Tailor shop, boutiques and also garment factory.

    Steam brush

    "Steam brush" indispensable to finish of smoothing out creases and undoing shrinkage.