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  • Reliable1000FR 2" Round Knife Cloth Cutter

    $ 159.00

    HAND-HELD CUTTER The 1000FR is a light, versatile hand-held cutter that is easy to use and easier to learn. Its ergonomically designed body/ handle makes it a pleasure to use. High quality components ensure that you can count on the 1000FR for your daily low ply cutting tasks. TIGHT RADIUS CUTTING The advantage of a small blade vs. a larger blade is the improved m ...

  • Reliable XD-CD3 Hot & Cold Cloth Drill

    $ 599.00

    KNITS OR WOVENS, NATURAL OR SYNTHETICWith the XD-CD3, you have the one tool for all fabric types. Cold is best for natural woven fabrics, the hot is best for synthetic fabrics or knits.FEATURES• 4-1/16" drills• 8" drill length• Extra large base• Weight 15 Lb• Individually tested before shipping

  • Reliable XD-629 8" Straight Knife

    $ 899.00

    POWER AND PERFORMANCEThe XD-629 is the popular choice where power and performance are the top priority. Equipped with a 0.65 hp motor and a 1-1/2” cutting stroke, the XD-629 will handle all but the toughest cutting jobs.FEATURES• 3400-RPM high power motor• Oil indicator window• Uni-safe locking plug• Weight 32 Lb• Individually tested before shipping

  • Reliable Velocity 200IR Compact Vapor Generator Iron

    $ 169.00

    PROFESSIONAL QUALITY IRONING The new Velocity 200IR will not spit or leak. Our Velocity legacy is back and better than ever! The latest addition to the Reliable home ironing line up comes with a steam release sensor that deploys with user touch. The 200IR produces continuous volumes of steam when desired for horizontal and vertical steam release. A TOUCH OF GENIUS ...

  • Reliable T1 Microfiber Pad for Steamboy

    $ 249.00

    THE POWER OF MICROFIBER. Our microfiber pads are the perfect choice for cleaning floors. They are made to withstand the abrassion that ocurs with floor cleaning, and are super absorbent. MACHINE WASHABLE. Why buy pads just to throw them away? The T1 microfiber pad is machine washable, and to ensure long life, should be air (not machine) dried.

  • Reliable Steamboy Steam Floor Mop T1

    $ 399.00

    CLEAN YOUR FLOORS, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY  Imagine cleaning your floors and carpets with the purity of simple H20 (water)! The dream is now a reality with the remarkable Steamboy steam floor mop. Plug it in, turn it on, and in seconds the Steamboy will change the way you clean.REMOVES DIRT, KILLS BACTERIA AND GERMS Steam is a great, effective way of removing dirt and ...

  • Reliable ST3A Sit-Down Stand

    $ 119.00

    SIT DOWN CONVENIENCE - The ST3A stand offers a convenient destination for your Empressa digital steam press. It includes a safety strap to secure the press, and a handy laundry rack for your clothing.PRESS SITTING DOWN - Not everyone wants to stand up while ironing. With the ST3A stand, all you need to add is a comfortable chair.Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

  • Reliable SewErgo 150SE Ergonomic Sewing Chair

    $ 189.00

    YOUR SEWING SUPPORT The SewErgo 150SE provides copious amounts of comfort for work or leisure. During development, our goal was to create an operator chair that provided comfort and style, yet offered safety and stability with an eco-conscious effort. The SewErgo 150SE maintains all these aspects while providing users with the affordable choice for their sewing en ...

  • Reliable Senza 200DS 2 In 1 Ironing System

    $ 199.00

    DOUBLE DUTY IRON + IRON STATION The new Senza 200DS iron station is the first two-in-one solution for busy households. For light duty use, the Senza’s iron detaches from the station allowing it to be used independently. For larger ironing tasks, hooked up to the iron station it provides unlimited ironing capacity with its auto refill system. PRESS A LITTLE OR A ...

  • Reliable S550 Empressa LED Digital Steam Press

    $ 1,899.00

    A VERY BIG IRON - Digital steam presses are the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to conventional ironing. With pressing areas many times the size of an iron, a digital steam press will quickly eliminate wrinkles and put a crease into the toughest fabrics.SAVE TIME IRONING - With such a large pressing surface, digital steam presses will cut down ...

  • Reliable S330 Empressa Digital Steam Press

    $ 699.00

    SAVE TIME IRONING - With such a large pressing surface, digital steam presses will cut down on your ironing time by as much as 50%. They are very easy to use; just pull the handle down, press for steam, and leave in the closed position until the buzzer sounds.Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

  • Reliable PRO EPTROLLEY Trolley for EnviroMate EP 1000

    $ 1,499.00

    HAVE CART, WILL TRAVEL The EP1000 trolley provides a convenient movable storage system for the EP1000 professional steam cleaner and includes a 1.3 gallon (5L) additional water capacity that connects directly to the steam cleaner. ADDED CONVENIENCE Having all of your tools in one place is reason enough to opt for this functional accessory. Having more than 2 gallo ...