Consew 695EX Industrial Chainstitch Machine with Stand

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Shipping is $200.00 for this machine Features: Fully Automatic Lubrication with Visual Flow Controls Differential Feed with Micrometric Adjustment for Shirring and Stretching - Ratio up to 4 to 1 Push-Button Stitch Regulator Lubricating Oil Continuously Filtered by Replaceable Filter External Cooling of Oil Supply Specifications: Max Speed: 7500 SPM Max Stitch Length: 3.8 mm Presser Foot Lift: 5.0 mm Differential Ratio: 1:0.7 - 1:2 Overedging Width: 5,6 mm Number of Threads: 4/5 Stitch Type: 516 (2 Needles, 5 Threads) Uses: For overlock sewing of medium to heavyweight materials. True safety stitch - suitable for sewing products such as men's, ladie's, and children's wear, especially coats for children and women