Gemsy 757F Super High 5 Thread Speed Industrial Serger / Overlock Machine with table

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Suitable for overlocking and overedging workpieces of light and medium-weight materials. Low sewing tension. Neat and beautiful stitch even running with high speed. Auto lubricated and excellent performance. Applicable to the overedging operation of light and medium material, moderate, due to its automatic lubricating device. It operates perfectly and smoothly at low sewing tension. This series of overlock sewing machines is a basic type of overlock machine that concentrates on the basic range of functions. The machines in this series offer better productivity and stable sewing finishes at maximum sewing speeds of 7500 spm. The various parts of the this series of machines have been optimized and standardized to produce a line-up of economical and efficient machines with superlative cost performance. Machine comes with assembled table.