Dazor 8MC-250 Circline Magnifier Lamp

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22 Watts. Magnifier Lamp. 34" IV Pivot Arm Reach. Lens: The 3 diopter crown optical lens provides distortion-free magnification of 75% at a focal length of 13%u201D. Also available in a 5 diopter model which provides magnification of 125 at a focal length of 8%u201D. Light: The light source is a 22 watt circline fluorescent tube that is cool to work under. The shadow-free light is shed evenly from all sides for optimum brightness and optical accuracy. Tube is included. Arm: This new DAZOR2000 arm glides into position with the touch of a finger. It has no exposed wires and its unique balancing system eliminates the need for exposed springs. YOU MUST PURCAHSE ONE OF THE ATTATCHMENTS IN THE SPECIALS CATEGORY TO COMPLETE THE UNIT.