Dazor 8MG-550 Hi-lighting Magnifier Lamp

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Uses a 13-watt compact fluorescent located behind the magnifying glass to cast light at an angle ideal for highlighting object details. This shadow highlighting makes details of uneven surfaces "pop-out" to the viewer. The shadow help define variations in surface depth and emphasize irregularities. The highlighting feature is well suited for inspection tasks that require precise discrimination of details found in the variations of an objects surface. Energy-efficient bulb lasts on average 10,000 hours. Enamel paint, oven-baked, and environmentally safe finish lets you endure years of use in multiple conditions. The unique float-arm system is all-metal, easy to move, stays in position, and no exposed springs or wires. Precision, counter balanced spring with metal interlocking arm channels for extra strength. The 5-inch crown optical glass lens produces sharp images over a wide viewing area and is available in magnification of 3-diopters (.75x) and 5-diopters (1.25x). For your eyes, the two key factors for enhancing vision are light and magnification. These factors reduce eyestrain and fatigue which allow you to work longer with less visual effort. The effectiveness of magnification in achieving good vision is dependent upon the lighting conditions. Dazor magnifying lamps combine proper lighting with magnification for maximum benefit. For your hands, both are free to grasp an object or work on it. Whether you are using tools or holding a newspaper, hands-free viewing is easier. Also, your hands control the amount of light and magnification you require by adjusting distances between the object, the magnifying lens, and your eyes. This new DAZOR2000 arm glides into position with the touch of a finger. It has no exposed wires and its unique balancing system eliminates the need for exposed springs. The lamp will not stand up unless you purchase a floor stand or desk clamp.