Dazor 8ML-100 Flex Arm Magnifier Lamp

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Dazor Flex Magnifiers combine our popular Hi-Lighting Magnifier with a 30 inch long flexible goose neck arm. The 8ML-104 model features a 13-watt compact fluorescent tube for low temperature, energy-efficient operation with up to 10,000 hours expected bulb life. This model can also be outfitted with a compact full spectrum bulb (13W-51-FSB) for eye-friendly correct color viewing. The 5-inch diameter crown-optical glass comes standard in a 3-diopter lens that provides 75% magnification and focal length of 13 inches, but it is also available with an optional 5-diopter lens that provides 125% magnification and a focal length of 8 inches. For even greater magnification, we sell an Add-A-Lens 11-diopter viewing system ( 275%, FL 3.75 inches) that can be mounted onto an existing 3-diopter lens. The lamp will not stand up without a floor stand or desk clamp. Available in Almond or Black.