Dazor 8MR200 Stretch View Magnifier

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Powerful 18-watt compact fluorescent produces 130 footcandles at 15 inches above the work space. Rectangular shaped magnifying lens "stretches" the 5-inch circular viewing area to 6.75 inch. Wider viewing area allows for comfortable vision with both eyes and also reduces eyestrain and fatigue. Visual scanning speed is increased because more surface area is magnified at any given position. The 3-diopter lens is made of crown optical glass and measure 6.75 by 4.25 inches. With proper illumination levels, magnification requirements are significantly reduced. For additional magnification, there is a 5-diopter lens that measures 5 by 3 inches and a 11-diopter and 16-diopter (4x) lens that uses a 3-inch diameter lens. For your eyes, the two key factors for enhancing vision are light and magnification. These factors reduce eyestrain and fatigue which allow you to work longer with less visual effort. The effectiveness of magnification in achieving good vision is dependent upon the lighting conditions. Dazor magnifying lamps combine proper lighting with magnification for maximum benefit. For your hands, both are free to grasp an object or work on it. Whether you are using tools or holding a newspaper, hands-free viewing is easier. Also, your hands control the amount of light and magnification you require by adjusting distances between the object, the magnifying lens, and your eyes.