Ann the Gran Catalog XPress Embroidery Design Organization Software

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Catalog Xpress Software Details

Love to collect embroidery designs? Want to download and organize designs in one step? How about the ability to re-size your designs to fit your hoop?

Catalog XPress 2.5 can:
Download, Organize, Colorize, Convert, Re-size, Sort & View your embroidery designs.

Looking for an elusive embroidery design, one you know is in your collection, but you can't find, or even remember its name? Catalog Xpress may be just the program you need. Use Catalog Xpress categories, or create your own, then drag and drop embroidery designs into them as you download, including to and from your Ultimate Box or Amazing Box*. Use our new “Direct Download” feature to download directly from the Internet into your choice of Catalog Xpress folders. You will never misplace a design again. What could be faster or easier?

Catalog Xpress 1.5 main features:
Organize Designs
Convert Formats
3D Design Viewer
Print Catalog to print as many as columns and rows in one page

Catalog Xpress 2.0 main features...same as 1.5 features above plus the following...
Re-size designs
Colorize designs
More Thread Charts
Support of Brother PES files with different version

Catalog Xpress 2.5 main features...same as 2.0 features above plus the following...
Batch Conversion designs to different file format
Automatic Unzip files
Ability to Read ART file format except version 4
Support for Ultimate Box and Amazing box
Add lettering in one click to Alphabet Xpress
Support of Windows XP with Service pack 2
Restore design from Recycle bin
Compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems
Windows Vista Compatible
Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 Compatible

Alphabet Xpress Software Details:

Now here's the lettering software that's sure to give wings to your need for creativity, satisfy your desire for ease-of-use and fit your budget.

Everyone just loves Ann's super alphabets. Now we've taken the work out and made the most popular of these wonderful lettering styles available as fonts. If you love adding names, words and phrases to your embroidery projects but sigh at the time it takes to manually align all those alphabet letters, Alphabet Xpress is just what you've been watching for. Five great font styles are built-in and you can add more of your favorites any time you like. Choose your font, set the exact height and spacing for your project and simply type in your word or phrase. Save it and sew.