Amazing Designs Click N' Stitch Xtra With Applique Embroidery Software

Amazing Designs Click N' Stitch Xtra With Applique Embroidery Software

  • $ 289.99

  • Click 'N Stitch Extra with Appliqué has all of the features of Click 'N Stitch Xtra below, Plus:
    Choose the type of design you create: embroidery, cross-stitch, appliqué, or a combination of embroidery and appliqué.
    » Easy-to-use wizards guide you step-by-step through the creation process.
    » Apply an appliqué to an entire design or portions of a design in an instant with the embroidery wand, or you can manually create paths to make your own appliqué shapes.
    » Create multiple appliqués within the same design and then choose the order you want to stitch them in.
    » Add unique style to your appliqué by using any of the design or program stitches from Embroidery Links as your appliqué stitch.
    » Over 500 clip art included, plus a bitmap cleaner built in the Appliqué Wizard

  • Go from a graphic file to embroidery file in five easy steps:
    1. Select a graphic image to Auto Digitize with a simple browse function.
    2. Transform Image by size, rotation, cropping or mirroring the image.
    3. Use the Color Reduction screen to rearrange color sequence or select colors to delete.
    4. Vectorize Image allows you to select how much detail from the image you want in the Auto Digitizing process. Adjusting the tolerance up or down assists in tweaking your design in the digitizing process.
    5. Judgment gives you 23 choices of fabric and fabric weights to digitize proper density and under stitching for the design.

  • Save As your favorite home embroidery machine format:
    SEW (Elna Envision)
    SEW (Janome Scan-n-Sew PC

  • Now with Click 'n Stitch Xtra you can:
    - Acquire designs directly from your scanner
    - Set the size of your finished embroidery design regardless of the size of your graphic file
    - Crop your graphic file to select just the portion you want to make into an embroidery design.
    - Choose the color stitching order with a click of the mouse.
    - Set the size of your Aida fabric so that your cross-stitch designs match perfectly with your canvas.
    - Automatically open your graphic files in Microsoft® Paint, or your preferred graphic editing program, for any touch-up before the graphic files are transformed into embroidery designs.


  • Advanced features included:
    Adjust pull compensation either by percentage, absolute or by vertical and/or horizontal
    Adjust density by all stitches or choose just satin or fill.
    Adjust running stitch by length

  • Input the following graphic formats:
    · Adobe Illustrator (AL)
    · Bitmap
    · Corel Draw 5 (CDR, CDX)
    · JPEG Images (JPG)
    · Mac Images (MAC)
    · PCX Images (PCX)
    · PhotoCD (PCD)
    · Pict Images (PCT)
    · Postscript (EPS)
    · Targa (TGA)
    · Vector Images
    · Windows Bitmap (BMP)
    · Windows Metafiles (EMF, WMF)

  • Minimum Requirements
    Pentium II Processor 166
    64 MB Ram
    15 MB hard drive space
    Windows 95 or above
    Display 640 x 480