Chandler CM101 Single Thread Chainstitch Blindstitch Blind Hemmer Industrial Sewing Machine

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Perfect or sewing all weights of materials including synthetics, woolens, cottons, fabrics and knits
1 to 1 non-skip stitches, typical operations include felling edge tapes, bottoms of trousers, cuffs, wigging in sleeves, facings to canvas and knit goods, turned-up bottoms of fully lined coats, padding collars and lapels, and reinforcing trouser seats
2 to 1 skip stitch for hemming dresses, skirts, slacks, trousers, sportswear, ladies coats, draperies, blouses and other articles 
Suitable for felling operations requiring a skip stitch to simulate hand-stitching
2 to 1 skip stitch is recommended for synthetics and other light-weight materials and 1 to 1 non-skip stitch for heavier cotton, woolen and linen goods


• Skip and non-skip stitch lever
• Adjustable thread tension
• 1 to 1 non-skip stitch and               
2 to 1 skip stitch
• Stitch depth penetration and stitch length adjustment dials
• Swing-away work plate for extended working space
• Knee-operated feed plate lowers for insertion and removal of work piece