Juki DDL-9000A-DS/PBN Fully-dry-head, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine (bird's nest preven...

  • Juki DDL-9000A

    A Genuine Sewing Machine Which Makes the Best out of Professional Sewing Machine Operators

    Direct-drive, High-speed, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

    The newly-developed model totally eliminates "bird's nests at the starting of sewing", which have been a conventionally inevitable factor when using machines with a thread trimmer. The length of thread remaining at the end of sewing is shortened. With these two capabilities, the machine demonstrates its improved performance in the sewing of parts in which the starting and end points of a seam are visible, such as in the case of sewing name labels, topstitching and counterstitching collar bottoms.

    The machine provides stress-free maintenance to achieve ease of use.

    The machine pulley is a larger one which is easy to turn. (with thread tangle prevention mechanism)

    The machine no longer uses the higher/lower needle-position adjusting magnet. The needle bar position is now electronically controlled. In addition, the machine arm has notches to achieve an easy-to-carry and slip-resistant shape.



    A steplessly adjustable stitch dial has been adopted to enable stitch-length setting with added accuracy.

    The conventional click-type stitch dial is now provided with a stepless adjustment feature. This stitch dial enables fine stitch-length setting with added accuracy. In addition, the dial has a new mechanism which prevents the dial from shifting from the set position even when the machine is being operated for a long time.

    The micro-lifter screw is located on the front of the operation panel. This allows the operator to frequently adjust the micro-lifter by adjusting the screw without ever moving from his or her seat.

    The micro-lifter works to prevent damage to the material or a slip between two plies when sewing a shaggy or elastic material. For the DDL-9000A Series, the micro-lifter screw is located on the front of

    the operation panel to allow the operator to frequently adjust the screw without standing up.

    Maintainability of parts which are frequently removed and attached for adjusting the presser foot have been further improved.

    The frame's rubber cap is frequently removed and reattached during maintenance to adjust the presser foot or the needle-bar height.

    Now, the rubber cap is designed to ensure easy removal/ reattaching. The rubber cap has been improved primarily because of its frequent use.


    The machine adopts a new picker mechanism and a bobbin-friendly material for the picker tip.

    The picker tip of the newly-designed picker mechanism is now made from a bobbin-friendly softer material so as to protect the bobbin against flaws due to the picker. In addition, the picker provides dramatically-increased durability.


    Simple lubrication keeps the operator's hands clean.

    Oil can be filled with ease from the front of the machine. The ability to view the quantity of oil in the tank is also improved.

    D-type head does not need oiling.


    Model name


    DDL-9000A-DS DDL-9000A-MS DDL-9000A- S S



    A: Light-weight

    S: Medium-weight

    H: Heavy-weight

    Lubrication system

    S: Minute-quantity lubrication type, M: Semi-dry type, D: Dry type

    Lubricating oil

    JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1, D-type head does not need oiling

    Max. sewing speed

    DS: 4,000rpm, SH: 4,500rpm, MA/MS/SS: 5,000rpm

    Max. stitch length

    MA: 4mm

    DS/MS/SS/SH: 5mm

    Needle bar stroke




    Feed dog height




    DB×1(#9) #8 11

    DB×1(#14) #9 18

    DB×1(#21) #20 23

    134 (Nm65) Nm60 75

    134 (Nm90) Nm65 110

    134 (Nm130) Nm125 160

    Lift of the presser foot

    By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 15mm, Auto: 8.5mm

    Size of bed

    517×178mm (distance from needle to machine arm: 300mm)

    Bobbin thread winder

    Built-in the machine head

    Machine head drive

    Compact AC servomotor (450W) that is directly connected to the main shaftd (Direct-drive system)

    Automatic reverse feed function

    Provided as standard

    Power consumption


    Net weight (machine head only)

    43.5kg, 46.5kg (with AK138)

    Gross package weight

    52kg, 56.5kg (with AK138)

    Outside dimensions of package(mm)

    713×313×677 (0.151 ), 713×378×677 (0.182 ) (with AK138)

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