Dime QSBLB003M Snap Hoop Monster Quick Snap 5" X 7"

Dime QSBLB003M Snap Hoop Monster Quick Snap 5" X 7"

  • $ 189.99

Snap-Hoop Monster for Quick-Snap is for use on multi-needle Brother, Baby Lock, Janome and Happy machines without arms.

BMP6, BMP8, BMP9, BMP10, EMP6, BND9, BND9-2 (with adapter)

Enterprise BNT10, BNT10L (with adapter)

PR600, 600II, 600CII, 620, 650, 655 (with adapter)

Entrepreneur Pro 1000, 1000e (with adapter)

Advantage of Snap Hoop Monster for Quick Snap:

  • Ideal for heavy duty projects: terry towels, quilt sandwiches, sweatshirts, canvas totes, fleece and any other item that needs a monster grip. 
  • Easy to use: Making adjustments to hooped fabric is a snap. Go ahead and give the fabric a tug—there's no risk of puckering.
  • Avoid hoop burn: Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame—this unique design prevents hoop burn.
  • Free-arm ability: Snap Hoop Monster for Quick-Snap includes a machine attachment specific to the multi-needle machine. Simply attach and snap the hoop into place. The free-arm is maintained on your machine. Easily slide tote bags, sweatshirts and more without the risk of stitching the items closed.

Snap Hoop Monster for Quick Snap Set Includes:

  • Snap-Hoop Monster Top Frame 
  • Metal base plate
  • Quick-Snap attachment (designed to fit on multi-needle machine - only available for specific machines, see order info below.  Click on video above to watch demo)
  • Magnet Shield
  • Adhesive Rulers