Eastman Falcon IV End Cutter

Eastman Falcon IV End Cutter

  • $ 2,850.00

The machine is also available with a push handle; a dual push/pull handle for extremely wide cuts requiring more than one operator; and a swivel handle for limited space applications.

Falcon® IVModel FAL-4

  • Standard End Cutting 
    Eastman's Falcon IV's superior balance and specially designed Falcon track show allows the knife to glide effortlessly across the guide track for perfectly straight line end cuts. 
Stable cutting maintained by the high profile and interior reinforcing ribs
Perfectly straight line cutting on a guided track
Clean cutting for both heavy and soft materials produced by the compression pressure foot
Added on/off switch control with the handle-mounted toggle option or pressure-switch option
Single hand engagement of power supply for the operator
Increased torque with less heat build-up via the Perma-Field Motor
Attachment to any kind of cutting table with an easy-to-use clamping bracket
Cutting of wide material with wide table options (up to 72" wide), with a long handle option and with a push/pull handle option for extremely wide cuts needing more than one operator
Cutting in limited space with a swivel handle option


110V, 1ph: Available 
220V, 1ph: Available 
60-90 psi Pneumatic: N/Available 

Auto Lifter: N/Available 
Manual Lifter: Available 
Bias Lifter: Available 
Auto Start and Auto Stop: N/Available 
Ply Counter: N/Available 
Speed Setting: N/Available 
Compression Foot: Optional 

Weight w/Track
: 5lbs, 6oz, 2.44kg 

Horsepower: .15HP 

Manual Cam Mount 
: Standard 
Manual Toggle: Standard 
Manual Handle Press: Optional 
Remote Control: Available 

Cloth Alignment Bar
: Optional 

Table Widths Available: 48"-144", 1.22m - 3.66m 

Blade Size
: 4", 10.2cm 

Cutting Capacity: 1.25", 3.20cm