Elna xpressive Digitizer EX V 4.0

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With this new version of the Elna embroidery software you'll discover amazing features which allow you to take your creations even further. Combine unique and sophisticated embroidery texture together with special attributes for the most creative results. Like before with the software Elna Digitizer EX you'll be able to create embroideries based on scanned designs, clips art or pictures.

Whether you like to work in English, French, Italian or Spanish, you can change the language of your software to suit your preference. The full Elna Digitizer EX software package, as well as its illustrated, easy-to-follow User Manual, is available in all four languages.

Digitizer EX is a multi-format package that allows you to open, modify and save all your embroideries in today's most popular file formats. Simply choose the format that corresponds to your machine with a quick click of the mouse.

Depending on the model of embroidery machine you use, Digitizer EX also supports direct connection of your machine to your PC, for fast and easy data exchange and storage of information directly in your machine's memory.
Even if your model doesn't allow for direct connection, you can easily add new embroidery designs to your library using a USB key or ATA card.