Floriani Destined To Digitize

Floriani Destined To Digitize

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Based on his Measurements Theory of Embroidery

Having problems with your digitizing? Not sure why your underlay stitches are poking out from under your column stitches? You are pulling your hair out trying to make the outline around a design fall where it should? Or better yet, you have to go back from machine to computer countless times because you need to tweak this and drag that forever?

Ever dreamed that you could have your own personal teacher?

Now you can and you are lucky enough to have one of the greatest digitizing teachers ever in the comfort of your own home. Find out in details how running stitches, fills and columns behave or more importantly why they misbehave.

Walter takes you on his very special journey through what he calls "The Measurements Theory". With clear and easy to understand explanations and exercises, you will improve your digitizing capabilities and achieve great results.