Floriani 100 Spool Embroidery Thread Set 2 1000M

Floriani 100 Spool Embroidery Thread Set 2 1000M

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100 spools of high sheen, high tensile strength, lubricated embroidery thread which results in excellent production and adds magnificent color and luster to your finished products.

Floriani's Commitment to Quality: All phases of the Floriani thread manufacturing process are performed in-house to insure quality. Employees are thoroughly trained on the use of the equipment and internal procedures to maintain high level of quality. Each cone is coded so that a lot number, machine, and operator can be identified if necessary. Each lot of new raw material is inspected and tested to make certain the quality of materials going into production are sufficient for producing a quality product. The same is true for finished products. An internal lab is used to test random samples of raw materials and finished cones, for control reasons. Furthermore, an independent, international testing lab is used to measure the quality of threads with respect to tensile strength and color fastness.

No environmentally harmful products or carcinogens are utilized in production. All water used to dye the thread is properly treated to separate dye stuff from the water used in production. The inert sandy, grit material which remains is used as a land fill substance to help fight erosion along the coastlines. The use of certain dyes may change in order to adhere to environmental safety regulations.

Commitment to quality includes the safety of our customers and our planet.


Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set 2


Floriani 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread has a beautiful sheen that is brighter than most rayon’s, and yet it has all the strengths of 100% polyester. It is manufactured with a tinsel strength designed to run smoothly on any machine including high speed commercial embroidery machines.

This set includes 100 beautiful colors that are 40 Weight Polyester Threads and come in 1000m/1100yd Cones.

    Color     Color
PF0001 - Neon Radiance PF0001 Neon Radiance PF0422 Lime Gray
>PF0003 - Neon Red PF0003 Neon Red PF0436 - Graphite PF0436 Graphite
PF0005 - Neon Orange PF0005 Neon Orange PF0452 - Taupe PF0452 Taupe
PF0009 - Safety Yellow PF0009 Safety Yellow PF0484 - Country Gray PF0484 Country Gray
PF0011 - Chalcedony Yellow PF0011 Chalcedony Yellow PF0512 - Jasmine PF0512 Jasmine
PF0014 - Milori Green PF0014 Milori Green PF0516 - Autumn Gold PF0516 Autumn Gold
PF0018 - Navahoe Orange PF0018 Navahoe Orange PF0526 - Bijol PF0526 Bijol
PF0074 - Medieval Teal PF0074 Medieval Teal PF0533 - Apricot PF0533 Apricot
PF0106 - Dark Pink PF0106 Dark Pink PF0535 - Golden Poppy PF0535 Golden Poppy
PF0116 - Peach Blossom PF0116 Peach Blossom PF0542 - Cockatoo PF0542 Cockatoo
PF0123 - Pink Mist PF0123 Pink Mist PF0546 - Snapdragon PF0546 Snapdragon
PF0128 - Pastel Blue PF0128 Pastel Blue PF0601 - Zephyr PF0601 Zephyr
FP0131 - Light Lilac FP0131 Light Lilac PF0605 - Grape PF0605 Grape
PF0135 - Renaissance PF0135 Renaissance PF0614 - Slate Lilac PF0614 Slate Lilac
PF0141 - Coral PF0141 Coral PF0624 - Afterglow PF0624 Afterglow
PF0155 - Martha Washington PF0155 Martha Washington PF0635 - Mulled Grape PF0635 Mulled Grape
PF0163 - Soapstone PF0163 Soapstone PF0661 - Light Violet PF0661 Light Violet
PF0167 - Deep Mauve PF0167 Deep Mauve PF0673 - Lavender PF0673 Lavender
PF0180 - V PF0180 Pink Flesh PF0675 - Luxury PF0675 Luxury
PF0184 - Salmon PF0184 Salmon PF0687 - Violet Blue PF0687 Violet Blue
PF0188 - Iron Rust PF0188 Iron Rust PF0689 - Concord Grape PF0689 Concord Grape
PF0198 - Wine PF0198 Wine PF0695 - Purple Passion PF0695 Purple Passion
PF0203 - Moss PF0203 Moss PF0702 - Fire Engine Red PF0702 Fire Engine Red
PF0219 - Green Mist PF0219 Green Mist PF0713 - Antique Bronze PF0713 Antique Bronze
PF0221 - Neptune PF0221 Neptune PF0734 - Oak Buff PF0734 Oak Buff
PF0223 - Dark Teal PF0223 Dark Teal PF0738 - Arab Tan PF0738 Arab Tan
PF0238 - Olive Drab PF0238 Olive Drab PF0753 - Orange Peel PF0753 Orange Peel
PF0245 - Woodland Green PF0245 Woodland Green PF0765 - Satin PF0765 Satin
PF0248 - Hunter Green PF0248 Hunter Green PF0769 - Dark Cinnamon PF0769 Dark Cinnamon
PF0255 - Evergreen PF0255 Evergreen PF0784 - Light Sienna PF0784 Light Sienna
PF0262 - Nile PF0262 Nile PF0792 - Shasta Pink PF0792 Shasta Pink
PF0264 - Medium Green PF0264 Medium Green PF0796 - Provincial Rose PF0796 Provincial Rose
PF0266 - Emerald Green PF0266 Emerald Green PF0842 Willow Leaf
PF0284 - Scotch Green PF0284 Scotch Green PF1011 - Rose Carolina PF1011 Rose Carolina
PF0291 - Seafoam PF0291 Seafoam PF1014 - Dusty Rose PF1014 Dusty Rose
PF0294 - Pine Green PF0294 Pine Green PF1053 - Summer Sunset PF1053 Summer Sunset
PF0308 - Dark Blue PF0308 Dark Blue PF1084 - Hibiscus PF1084 Hibiscus
PF0312 - Gettysburg PF0312 Gettysburg PF1086 - Raspberry PF1086 Raspberry
PF0333 - Baltic Blue PF0333 Baltic Blue PF1119 - Impatients PF1119 Impatients
PF0335 - Midnight Blue PF0335 Midnight Blue PF1121 - China Rose PF1121 China Rose
PF0344 - Pilgrim Blue PF0344 Pilgrim Blue PF1182 - Currant PF1182 Currant
PF0358S - Midnight Navy PF0358S Midnight Navy PF1602 - Cameo PF1602 Cameo
PF0364 - Starlight Blue PF0364 Starlight Blue PF1900 - Petunia PF1900 Petunia
PF0367 - Blueberry PF0367 Blueberry PF1904 - Pansies Perfection PF1904 Pansies Perfection
PF0370 - Mint Julep PF0370 Mint Julep PF1908 - Dark Pansies PF1908 Dark Pansies
PF0376 - Indian Ocean PF0376 Indian Ocean PF2011 - Light Olive PF2011 Light Olive
PF0385 - Niagara PF0385 Niagara PF2015 - Patio Green PF2015 Patio Green
PF0392 - Honey Bird PF0392 Honey Bird PF2042 - Aquamarine PF2042 Aquamarine
PF0413 - Old Silver PF0413 Old Silver PFK07 - PFK07 Solar Blue