Gingher GG-8 Dressmakers Scissor 8" Knife Edge

Gingher GG-8 Dressmakers Scissor 8" Knife Edge

  • $ 39.99

  • 8" knife edge dressmaker's shears, chrome over nickel 
    plated, packaged in gift box with molded nylon sheath.

  • These 8 inch knife edge dressmaker's shears are Gingher's most popular product. An indispensable tool in sewing, crafts and quilting, these shears are ground with a knife edge which enables them to slice through many layers of fabric with ease. Handles are bent at an angle to provide even, comfortable cutting on tabletop or counter surfaces. Quality craftsmanship assures sharp, smooth cutting all the way to the points.

  • The Gingher 8 inch Dressmaker Shears have a versatile longer length cut and blades strong enough to trim and cut multiple layers of fabric effortlessly. The longer cut is ideal for cutting out patterns and trimming seams. Gingher's precision ground knife edge cuts flawlessly all the way to the points. The bent handle allows for smooth comfortable cutting across a tabletop or counter. The scissors are finished in a handsome and durable, double-plated chrome over nickel finish. Use a G-S sharpening stone for blade maintenance.

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