Handi Quilter Handi Quilter -PS 8W Upgrade Kit A

Handi Quilter -PS 8W Upgrade Kit A

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HQ Pro-Stitcher owners who wish to upgrade to the new Precision-Glide track MUST purchase one of HQ Pro-Stitcher Carriage Retrofit Packages in addition to the HQ Precision-Glide Track Upgrade Kit. Check with your local HQ Rep or HQ Customer Relations to see if you need this upgrade. There are three different upgrade packages depending on your current machine set-up and hardware.

Because this HQ Pro-Stitcher upgrade will have a new carriage configuration with the computer mounted in the carriage, please be aware that the new carriage will extend an additional 4.25″ past the back of the frame.

This longer HQ Pro-Stitcher carriage will not fit in the box used to ship it to the factory for the upgrade. It will be returned to you in a new box with the HQ Pro-Stitcher wrapped in protective bubble wrap. The shipping cost includes shipping to Handi Quilter for installation and return. Neither the original carriage or box will be returned to you

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