Janome Digitizer MBX Digitizing and Editing Embroidery Software

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The Janome Digitizer MBX V4.0 is the New full software from Janome it has replaced Digitizer MB Version 3.This product will work for the following machines: Janome Horizon MC12000 Janome MC11000 Janome MC10001 Janome MC10000 Janome MC9700..

Whats New?
25 NEW Alphabets Now 100 in total
700 Clipart designs
20 New Jan files highlighting the new features
On screen project based workbook

Ambience Quilting 
Echo Clipped
Scroll Clipped

Advanced Monograming Features

New Closed Run Line Tools
New Closed Satin Line Tool

Cross Stitch
Cross stitch in easy design
Combine With Splitting Guides
Allows objects to be split for multiple hoopings

Applique Improvments
Applique- full and partial applique with fabric available as fills.
You can also scan in your fabrics.

Better editing-stippling

Auto Digitizing
Convert vector files to embroidery
Improved Click-to-Design Advanced - Whole of design outlines and individual object outlines

Ease Of Use
Expanded tool tips when extended hover
Rotate and skew amount of rotating or movement is showen when rotating and skewing

Measurements in Inches or Metric
Enter a size in either metric or US and watch the software convert the measurment to your settings

New JPX file format ideal for combining embroidery and graphics data for iron-on prints, ect....
JPX (Janome Printing design files) are created in Digitizer MBX and sent to the machine via Horizon Link
JEF and JPX file formats are compatible with each other

JPX Format
Have the option to edit designs with the graphics underneath both on the machine and in Horizon Link with Digitizer MBX V4.0