Juki HZL-27z Compact Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-27z Compact Sewing Machine

  • $ 189.99

Full Feature Sewing Machine

22 Stitch Patterns, Buttonhole, and Many Other Features

Looking for a portable, full-featured sewing machine? Then this is the machine for you. The HZL-27Z packs large features into a small footprint. With 22 stitch patterns, including a buttonhole, you'll find that the HZL-27Z can handle just about any sewing task.

Easy on the Eyes
Besides being cute, the HZL-27Z has anAutomatic Needle Threader. 

Just lower the lever, turn it back and forth and your needle is threaded.



White LED Light

Brightens the needle area and the LED light will not heat up, even during extended sewing sessions. 


                             Easy To Use

Stitch patterns can be selected using the large easy-turn stitch dial. 




The Reverse lever is just the right size and conveniently placed




Easy Drop in Bobbin

It's so simple to prepare the bobbin thread.
Want to know how much bobbin thread is left? Just look through the transparent bobbin cover.



                                       7-Point Feed Dog

With the 7-point feed dog, you can be assured that any weight of fabric will feed evenly and consistently through the machine.




Easy Start Sewing

Need to start sewing on a heavy seam? No problem, just push the button on the presser foot and off you go.



                                           Changeable Needle Positions
Needle positions and zigzag width can be adjusted with a simple turn of the dial.




Free Arm Sewing

Remove the accessory table and the HZL-27Z is ready to handle cuffs, pant legs and more. 


4-Step Buttonholes

Create balanced buttonholes easily using the built-in 4-step buttonhole option.


Convenience Features:


Automatic Needle Threader
Soft Dust Cover




22 built in stitches
1 4-Step Buttonhole Pattern


Included Accessories:

Snap-on Presser Feet


Auxiliary Spool Pin
Seam Ripper/Brush
Spool Cap
Screw Driver



Dimensions (mm)   388(W)x280(H)x198(D)
Weight (machine)   5.9kg (13.0 lb)
Stitch Length   Max. 4 mm
Stitch Width   Max. 6.5mm
Presser Foot Lift   2-step Max. 9.5mm
Expand your machine’s creative potential with Juki accessories.
Sewing jobs can be completed more quickly and with professional-looking results.

Appliqué, hem, couch, embellish, quilt, and more. Juki has the correct foot for each creative technique.
Standard Presser Foot
For straight stitch and zigzag stitches.
  Overcasting Foot
It prevents the edge of fabric
from fraying.
  Buttonholing Presser Foot
For automatic buttonholes.
Zipper Foot
For attaching zippers.
  Blind Stitch Presser Foot
For blind hem stitching.
  Patchwork Presser Foot
For patchwork stitches with 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch guide.
Quilting Foot
For quilting or free-motion embroidery.