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Kangaroo Kabinets - Kangaroo Kabinets Studio – in Teak

Sale price$ 3,499.00


Kangaroo Cabinet

The Kangaroo can hop right into any sewing room and fit perfectly.The Kangaroo has a three-position airlift that holds most sewing machines comfortably and moves effortlessly up and down. The wide room in front of the lift allows the sewer to sit comfortably in the correct center needle sewing position. Our Kangaroo is a perfect studio piece meant for customers who do not want or need to store their sewing machine. Unlike our other cabinets that feature closeable leaves and doors, the Kangaroo unit does not have leaves or doors leaving your sewing machine exposed in all 3 positions on the lift. When the machine is placed in the storage position the top of the cabinet will not be solid because there are no leaves to cover the opening. We recommend 3 options: Keep your machine ready to sew in the flatbed or free arm position and use a dust cover rather than lowering into storage position If you want to place machine in storage and would like to cover the opening you may purchase your choice of two items meant to cover the opening and made to fit exactly. Both options are merely to cover and not meant for bearing weight.The Kangaroo comes with a quilt leaf on the back of the cabinet that folds up or down and will help to expand your work area, preventing large quilts or large pieces of fabric from falling on the floor behind the cabinet. A large pull out drawer to hold essential notions with fabric support cover round out the features of this hopping cabinet.

Dingo Cabinet

A dingo won’t get your baby if she is safely hidden in one of the 9 drawers of our Dingo. The Dingo is a treasure chest of storage. Like a Swiss Army knife, it opens up to reveal all sorts of nooks for storage, plus it has extra functionality! As an added option the top of the cabinet folds over on two leg supports creating a stable and spacious cutting surface! Place our optional 46" x 40" mat on the top and cut your fabric with ease. The 9 drawers run 20” wide x 15 ¼” length with a depth of 3 ½” to 7 ¼”. The one bottom drawer is 20” w x 15-¼” l x 12 ¾” d large enough to hold a small serger. Safely conceal and secure all your sewing notions, fabric and equipment by closing both doors and turning the key to lock them shut.

Adjustable Height Hydraulic Chair

Each of our chairs is designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic posture. Create your perfect height with easy height adjustment and move wherever you need with the 360-degree swivel base 5-star base to increase stability. Plus, lift the seat cushion to reveal a hidden storage compartment! 


40" X 46" Cutting Mat-D

As every crafter, sewer or creative enthusiast well knows, a quality cutting mat is essential in any sewing room. Protect your furniture and your workspace with Arrow’s heavy duty, pinnable mats. 

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