LauraStar Jeannette The Little Ironing Board

LauraStar Jeannette The Little Ironing Board

  • $ 3,359.00

This little ironing board is specially designed for ironing shirt sleeves and children’s clothes.


Suitable for the following ironing systems:

Premium Evolution II, Magic Evolution II, Premium S3, Laurastar X1a, Laurastar X2a, Laurastar S4E, Laurastar Go +, Laurastar Go, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition

Suitable for the following steam stations:

First G1, Steamax G2, Evolution G4, Evolution i-G5, Laurastar G7, Laurastar Lift + Platinum, Laurastar Lift + Pinky Pop, Laurastar Lift + Ultimate Black, Laurastar Lift Pure White, Laurastar Lift Original Red, Laurastar Lift Plus Swiss Edition