Juki LH-3578A-7 Semi-dry-head, 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine

  • The LH-3500A, with a large hook for jeans, is provided with a "large hook" which is 1.7-fold larger than the standard hook provided for the model launched this last January. With the large hook, this machine helps reduce the frequency of bobbin thread changing when sewing jeans or the like with thick thread.

    In addition, the curvature of the thread path has been minimized to improve the feed locus.

    This promises a strong and smooth feed of the material even when sewing heavy-weight materials for jeans.

    For the lockstitch machines for jeans and heavy-weight materials (G type) requiring well-tensed seams, the curvature of the thread path has been minimized and the feed timing and motion locus of the feed dog have been reviewed.

    Through these improvements, the production of consistently tensed seams is ensured.
    The adoption of a high-torque motor helps increase the penetrating force of the needle by approximately 32 % as compared with JUKI's conventional machines.

    As a result, the needle ensures excellent penetrating force even when sewing multi-layered parts of a heavy-weight material.
    For the machine with an automatic thread trimmer, the direct-drive system, where a compact servomotor is directly connected to the main shaft, has been adopted.

    The power consumption is reduced by approximately 20 % by combining the direct-drive system with the new model control box 


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