Mettler PS89 Polysheen Neon Gift Pack 8 spools

Sale price$ 19.99


POLY SHEEN® has a much larger surface area to reflect the light, which is why it shines so beautifully.

It also has better elastic qualities and 50% higher tensile strength than rayon.

POLY SHEEN® can be used in every situation and is particularly well suited for use with highly stressed textiles such as sports and leisurewear, children‘s clothes, leather, work clothing, jeans, terry cloth, catering and hospital laundry

Consists of spools of Mettler Polysheen Plus art#4820-. 218yds per spool.

Colors included:9981 9971. Also contains 6 spools of Mettler Polysheen Embroidery art#3406-. 220yds per spool.

Colors included:3541, 2810, 1305, 5940, 5500, 3906.

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