Miele SAAO0 Swing H1 Quickstep PowerLine Stick Vacuum 1,000 W

  • $ 549.00



The AirClean filter system** 

You can breathe easy: The multi-stage filtration system ensures clean air while vacuuming.

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Stainless steel telescopic wand

Gentle on your back: Height-adjustable Miele telescopic suction tubes. Practical for vacuuming under furniture.

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Exclusiv to Miele

Ergonomic double slide switch

Good for you: The power level is easily visible and the vacuum cleaner can be operated easily in all situations.

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Operating radius

You barely need to change sockets: Miele stick vacuum cleaners provide an operating radius of 9 metres.

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Carpet climb

Tidy and handy: The vacuum cleaner's wire is properly attached with wire hooks and is easy to remove.

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Easy to manoeuvre

Highly maneuverable: Stick vacuum cleaners have a slim body and a low center of gravity.

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Easy to store

Slim and smart: Thanks to their compact design Miele stick vacuum cleaners are very easy to store.

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Cleanliness for comfort