Grace Quilting Software New Quilt Motion-Quilter&
Grace Quilting Software New Quilt Motion-Quilter&
Grace Quilting Software New Quilt Motion-Quilter&
Grace Quilting Software New Quilt Motion-Quilter&
Grace Quilting Software New Quilt Motion-Quilter&

New Quilt Motion-Quilter's Creative Touch 5- QCT5 Automated Software System(Beginner and PRO Available)

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Grace Quilting Software SALE- QCT 5 PRO Automation 

Let your machine do the quilting for you!

 Quilt Motion QCT5 Pro  is a computer automated quilting system that lets you create your masterpieces in steps as simple as select, place, and sew.

QCT5 Pro gives you more creative control over your quilted patterns. Design and edit any pattern, even trace them from your favorite photographs. Create simple or intricate pantographs, and so much more!

Looking to get computerized quilting at an even more affordable price point?
QCT5 Beginnings is a budget-friendly automated system that offers all of the essential features of computerized quilting.

Just like the full version of Quilter’s Creative Touch, the Beginnings tier lets you create your masterpieces in steps as simple as select, place, and sew.

The Beginnings tier is the perfect introduction to computer automated quilting. Select patterns from the included library, and easily place them on your quilt for sewing. If you ever decide to take the next step and start designing your own patterns, an upgrade option to the fully featured QCT5 standard tier is available.

The Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Automated Quilting System is the top of the line automated quilting system.  Use the Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Automated Quilting System to create, design, and quilt with precision. 

The Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Automated Quilting System allows you to quilt your favorite patterns from the included pattern library or design your own.

You can also create pantographs in the format of any font installed on your system. Simply pick a font, type what you wish to say, and save the pattern for insertion in any placement method you desire. 

Major Features:

  • Library of over 200 patterns built in
  • Simplified pantograph creation
  • Precise placement methods
  • Easily design your own patterns
  • Trace patterns from your favorite photographs
  • Size and position blocks, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts
  • Create your own patterns or trace them from photographs
  • Record and save any free hand quilted patterns to use or edit later
  • See your pattern on the screen before you begin quilting
  • Precise pattern placement methods
  • Easily switch between computer guided quilting and free hand quilting
  • Import or export a wide variety of pattern file types from other programs
  • Runs on your own windows tablet
  • The included motor plate attaches to the machine carriage and accurately controls the motion of the sewing machine for precise pattern stitching.
  • The software will only work with devices running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher. It will not work with any version of Windows RT.
  • The QuiltMotion motor plate and hardware come bundled with Quilter's Creative Touch 4. QuiltMotion controls your sewing machine to accurately stitch your quilt designs.
  • If you have a pattern that is bigger than your machine's throat, this is the section for you. Virtual Longarm will take your oversized pattern and break it up based on your individual throat size. You can create those large designs without having to calculate a grid.
  • Continuous rows with PantoStacker™
  • Open patterns of different file types
  • Easy pattern sizing, rotating and flipping
  • Batch import and convert other file types
  • Easy edge-to-edge quilting
  • tutorials, help, and tips
  • Rulers and centering
  • use any tablet running a full version of Windows 7, 8, 10 or later. (QCT5 Software will not work with Windows RT tablets.)


The Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Automated Quilting System  is compatible with the following brands

  • Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Pro BLQP
  • Block RockiT 14+, Titan
  • Bernina Aurora Series, Artista 6/7, 820, 830
  • Elna 7100, 7200. 7300
  • Janome 1600P,. 1600P-DX, 1600P-DBX, 1600P-QC, 6300. 6500, 6600
  • Juki TL98Q, 98QE, 2000Q, 2000Qi, 2010Q, 2200QVP mini, 2200QVP Virtuoso Pro
  • Pfaff Grand Quilter, Grand Quilter 18-8
  • Viking Mega Quilter, Mega Quilter 18-8
  • Grace Qnique 14+, Qnique 21

Feel free to email us and ask for the link to download a free trial version so you can see how the program is laid out.


How to upgrade QuiltMotion from QCT4 to QCT5
USING YOUR OWN WINDOWS TABLET. Recommended System Requirements

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