Grace Quilting Frame, Z44 Professional No-Baste Tiltable Quilt Frame

Grace Quilting Frame, Z44 Professional No-Baste Tiltable Quilt Frame

  • $ 899.00

The Z44 is our top of the line hand quilting frame, as well as the most adjustable frame on the market. You can set the included height adjustable legs to your level without the need of any tools! The work area also tilts to six different angles, letting you work in comfort. Even with all this easy adjust ability, the Z44 is durable and designed to withstand heavy use. Made with a beautifully crafted Baltic Birch wood, this is yet another way Grace Frames combine style and functionality. The Z44 comes equipped with all of the necessary extensions to set up the frame as a King 109", Queen 95", Twin 73", and Crib 59". You virtually receive four frames for the price of one, making it the most cost effective system on the market. Each layer of fabric is held on its own rail where you have absolute control over it. All layers come together in the front of the frame where they are comfortably quilted. Our raised middle rail keeps all layers firmly together with no sagging, shifting separatling, and no basting! The Z44 frame is also compact-- only 35 inches from front to back giving you a 14 inch tiltable work area. Two sets of braces underneath the frame provide stability without conpromising any leg space.

The Z44 hand quilting frame is the most adjustable quilting frame in the market. This No-baste frame can be set in height, width, and tilted to the perfect work angle, so that you'll always be quilting in comfort.

Utilizing the Grace Z44 Quilting Frame means access to:

  • Height adjustable legs that require no tools.
  • Six different tilting angles from vertical to horizontal, enhancing comfort in your work process.
  • A practical design that ensures leg space is never lost, regardless of frame angle.
  • Superior tension via a 50 tooth ratchet.
  • Easy folds up for convenient storage, even with your project still on it.
  • Simplified set up for creating everything from crib (59 inches) to king (108) sizes.
  • With its Fabri-Fast features, there is no need for ties, tacks or tape. Attaching fabric will never be easier.
  • A fourth rail for superior batting control.