Reliable Brio 250CC Steam Cleaner with Accessory Kit

  • $ 299.00


The Brio 250CC is the latest in our series of high quality steam cleaners for the home.

The Brio 250CC comes complete with a multi-purpose range of accessories, micro-switch for steam control and a temperature pressure gauge.

Handy for sanitizing the whole home without the use of harsh chemicals - all you need is water.


The Brio 250CC is easy to use, compact and lightweight.

It offers a user- friendly steam cleaning experience at a price that makes steam cleaning attainable to a wider array of users.

Accessories included will tackle all cleaning tasks efficiently and effectively.

Ergonomic handle and steam control switch make this a delightful introduction to steam for those new to the world of steam cleaning.


• 21-piece accessory kit

• Adjustable pressure control

• Micro switch + solenoid steam activation

• Engineered for faster heat up (5 minute)

• Superior steam quality and delivery

• Pressure gauge

• Patented steam wand fits into unit for one-handed mobility