Sew Steady insert

Sew Steady insert

  • $ 69.00

Please select the closest opening dimensions of your cabinet.
The make and model of cabinet are also needed to help ensure the proper size insert is selected.

Inserts have a lip to catch on the cabinet top (as photo above illustrates).
Insets(no lip) sit flush inside cabinet resting on a ledge within the cabinet.

*Please note: if your customer needs a Sew Steady Inset or Insert to be used with a knee lift, please make note of such on your order. This may require custom machine placement from your customer, and may also require addition fees.

Sew Steady inserts & insets are custom products - please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery

Please Note: Inserts are custom made to your machine and the width of the opening of the cabinet or table. Depending on the size of your sewing machine compared to the opening of the cabinet or table, the insert may not extend all the way around machine as shown. Machines must be smaller than the cabinet opening by a minimum 3 ½” in depth at widest part(front to back) and 2” in length(left to right) for insert to wrap completely around machine as shown in picture.
If the machine is wider or longer than these minimums we may still be able to make a ‘Filler’ piece to help fill gaps and still create a smooth sewing surface.