Sew Steady SST-Wish Table 22.5X25.5" ruler Foot, 6 Templates Table Polish

Sale price$ 259.00


Experience Quilting like never before with this package. 

Do what Longarms have done for years. 

Create quilting works of art with your domestic sewing machine. 


This machine specific package includes:

  • Sew Steady Wish Table 22-1/2 x 25-1/2 Compartment Drawer Table with Holes for Circle Sewing & Tool
  • Quilting Ruler Foot
  • 6 styles of Acylic Template Designs 
  • Sew Steady Table Polish

Total Package Valued at  $375.00

Combining our Wish Sew Steady Table with the Westalee Designs New Domestic Quilting Ruler Foot & Templates creates a Free Motion package like never before. 

This allows you to free motion quilt on any domestic sewing machine with the template provided. 

Released January 2015, this foot makes the impossible possible on any domestic sewing machine. 

The style of foot varies depending on your machine we currently have 5 different styles based on the 3500 different machines in the market today.

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