Grace "Sure Stitch" Stitch Length Regulator

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Grace "Sure Stitch" Stitch Length Regulator, Optical Encoders and Stitch Speed Range on LCD Display for Sewing Machines on Grace Quilting Frames The Sure Stitch is both a stitch regulator and a constant stitch speed control. Warranty: One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Parts and Labor) Features: Digital stitch speed display Stitch speed /- button Dual Color LED (Green-on; Red-Maximum speed reached) Pulse Button activates constant-stitch speed mode. Press and release for stitch tie-off On/Off button Constant contact design provides seamless stitch regulation Easy to install Takes advantage of your machine's full range of speeds. Utilize low, medium, and high settings to create your desired stitch length. Provides superior stitch accuracy. Available for the following machines: Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Pro Brother 1500 Elna 7200 Janome 1600 Janome 6500 Janome 6600 Juki 98E Juki 98Q Juki 98QE Pfaff Grand Quilter Viking Mega Quilter