Presser feet are a Sewing, Quilting and Embroiderers Necessity. Certain feet help with the creative embellishments. For each type of foot there will often be further variations such as metal or plastic options, size and versions with markings. There are two main types of presser feet- Snap on or screw on. This is basically dependant on the make of your sewing machine.You will find that some presser feet are low shank and others high shank. Low/high shank refers to the height of the shank. 

    1. Straight stitch Presser foot-This foot is the most basic of all presser feet. It sews a straight line.This is the best foot for sewing regular seams as it results in a straight stitching line. 2. Zig zag presser foot -This all purpose foot is needed for every other stitches in your machine. You can use it as a general sewing foot as you can stitch straight lines as well as most decorative stitches with this . 3. Zipper foot/piping foot
    This foot is a necessity when sewing zippers. With this, you can sew very close to the zipper teeth. You can use this foot to sew piping very close to the cord inside, as well. 
    4. Invisible zipper foot-to sew invisible zippers.  5. Hemmer foot -finish fabric edges in a curling way,The edge of the fabric is guided to the curl on this foot and stitched with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch.6. Buttonhole foot.  7. Button Sewing foot. 8. Open toe embroidery foot. 9. Quilting foot  10. Gathering / shirring foot 11. Applique stitch foot. 12. Darning foot- The darning foot is used for freeform stitching in quilting / free motion embroidery/ thread painting. 13. Knit Foot - This foot is also called Tricot foot and is used for sewing with knits. This is also used as an alternative to a walking foot.It can sew knits without stretching them. 14. Satin Stitch  15. Stitch Guide feet 16. Overcast stitch foot -sew an overcast stitch along the fabric edge . 17. Edge Joining Foot- This stitch is also known as a stitch in the ditch foot – it makes stitching in the ditch easy and accurate .18. Blind stitch foot - This is a foot best used for hemming pants.19. Adjustable zipper foot-  20. Walking Foot 21. Teflon foot 22. Ruffler foot 23. Braiding foot 24. Double welting foot 25. Bias Tape binder foot 26. Cording foot 27. Pintuck Foot 28. Fringe foot 29. Flower stitch Foot 30. Elastic stitching foot 31. Multiple Hole cording foot 32. Roller foot 33. Round Bead Foot- This is a foot exclusively used to attach bead strings/ chains on fabric surfaces. Usually, this foot takes beads  of 4mm. There is a groove in the back of the foot that accommodates the beads as they are sewn.

    We sell all these feet and MORE. Some may not be listed just yet- please call -1800-487-7397 to order your specifiv type.